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Networking and security step up in Feb IT priorities rankings

Below is a summary of the latest findings from our monthly IT Priorities survey: •Software infrastructure remains the top initiative: Software infrastructure projects averaged 23% of IT spending in the last 12 months, but spending is expected to dip to 19% in the following year. Current spending on ERP projects averaged 28% of enterprise software spending, directory services projects are 14%, with CRM solutions at 11% in the last 12 months.

February 1, 2006 by Natalie


Top 10 white paper downloads in 2005

First, Happy New Year from the ZDNet Research team! Using our BT trax tool we took a look at all the activity in our directory of over 57,000 white papers, case studies, Webcasts and other downloadable resources over the past year.

January 3, 2006 by Natalie


Microsoft getting serious about BI

Although late, Microsoft is keeping up with its promises in the Business Intelligence (BI) space, says Gartner, with new products and capabilities that will appeal mostly to the traditional application developer community and departmental IT customers. According to a recent Gartner report  (client reg.

December 19, 2005 by Natalie

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Intel getting some flak for criticizing $100 laptop

When Intel CEO Craig Barrett remarked, "People with a $100 notebook computer will get the computer they deserve,” in regards to MIT's ambitious project currently underway, some didn't take it lightly. RedMonk analyst James Governor points to and supports the opposite viewpoint from blogger, Nidahas: Anyone who has the basic understanding of the level of IT penetration in developing nations and the reasons for those poor figures can give plenty of reasons for their introduction.

December 16, 2005 by Natalie


Why iPod trademarks are the real road to value

Patent wielding competitors lusting over the huge success of Apple's iPod digital music player should put down their litigation swords and figure out what gives the product its X-factor in the first place. Core77, a site for industrial design fanatics, has a great analysis of Apple's design strategy by James Conley, a Clinical Professor at both the Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University.

December 14, 2005 by Natalie


SOA 101

You've been hearing about it more and more, so if you are new to service-oriented architectures (SOA) and want the full scoop but not ready to start connecting the dots between terms like BPEL, WS-Policy, and WSIF, then read this (free PDF)  four-page overview from Nucleus Research.

November 15, 2005 by Natalie