Buzz tools reveal Google, Apple twice as popular as Microsoft

Buzz tools reveal Google, Apple twice as popular as Microsoft

Summary: If you had to guess which companies get the most attention on our news sites ( and ZDNet News) you'd probably come up with a list similar to this: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, and IBM; and you’d be right.


TraxIf you had to guess which companies get the most attention on our news sites ( and ZDNet News) you'd probably come up with a list similar to this: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, and IBM; and you’d be right. A recent BT Trax analysis shows that Microsoft leads the pack with up to 7 times as many headlines as some of its “buzzshare” competitors like Apple and IBM.  The result is a ton of page views for Redmond. In the last 6 months, Microsoft news consumption has outpaced the second place vendor, Apple, with well over twice as many counts. 

But when you peel away the impressive editorial coverage, and compare the each vendor apples to apples a different picture emerges. A look at the average number of page views per title reveals that Microsoft gets about half as many page views per title as compared to Google and Apple, a strong indication of where reader interest actually resides. While I am not at the liberty to show you those actual figures or ratios (that would surely please our competitors), a chart illustrates these findings. In the last 6 months, Google is on top with the biggest headline “conversion rate,” with Apple in second and Microsoft a distant third. Intel and IBM are in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

A reflection of this finding can be seen in the blogosphere using the same trend tool we used to compare Longhorn buzz recently. Using Intelliseek’s BlogPulse—which as of yesterday has been upgraded—we see a correlation between the top three buzzshare companies on our sites and blogosphere buzz over the same time period. The chart below shows Google on top, Apple in the middle, and Microsoft in third place. 


There are a couple of reasons why attention for these three companies stack up the way they do. Google has moved in unprecedented ways leveraging its search business and delivering interesting Web-based applications to users growing increasingly comfortable with doing just about everything in a browser. (Have you seen Google's image of the surface of the moon yet?) Similarly, Apple has dazzled the industry with its music business, its relatively quick adoption of RSS and podcasting, and head-scratching move to Intel. Microsoft makes waves too, and any announcement about Longhorn (now Vista) usually attracts readers in droves. The sentiment is different however, and appears to be adversely effecting interest. It is echoed well by this venture capitalist in a recent post about .NET, pointed out by Redmond’s very own Robert Scoble:

While the OS is important, Microsoft has lost its complete and utter dominance as we move to a service-oriented world where broadband is everywhere, apps are in the cloud, and the browser becomes king.

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  • You can be famous or infamous .....

    either are press!
    Read the comments on the Windows Vista story, - Microsoft is infamous.
    Apple is famous.

    Buy a Mac and be done with it!
    • Message has been deleted.

      Power User
      • exactly

        Exactly, I hate my mac.....these constant blue screens of death
        are so goshdarn irritating.....OH WAIT! That's right, I haven't had
        a blue screen of death or had to run 4 antivirus programs, ever.
        OMG this thing is such "a piece of *hit." LMAO
        • Never had a "BSOD"

          unless I was really screwing around with the OS (the "what's this dll do?" syndrome). Though if Mac's are soooooo wonderful, why did they build their own icon and "blue screen" into the OS, unless they expect to get them too? (and I've seen them crash)
          John Zern
          • let me expound on my earlier statement

            I never said they were the end all be all. I was simply defending
            the statement that they are pieces of *hit. No pc is perfect, I
            simply prefer the imperfections of mac to microsoft. that is all.
          • I follow what your saying, I must have misread

            And I'm sure many other Mac users think alike. "Go with what makes you happy" is all that really should be said on many products discussed here.
            John Zern
          • so i take that you don't actually use windoze

            Gee, I don't even try and XP bites the big one several times a month. I can't see how you actually can be running more than one application at a time, nor using the 'net, pimplebutt.
          • Yeah right.

            Yeah right, I haven't had a crash in months and I play games, run several apps in the background, surf the web etc on my Windows XP box every single day. 99.9 % of XP crashes have to do with faulty drivers or hardware (or in rare cases, poorly written software). If your PC is crashing that often which I doubt (you probably don't even own a PC)then find someone competent to fix the problem since you don't seem to be knowledgeable enough to fix it yourself. BTW I've seen apple OSX crash on at least 3 systems already. And don't even talk about network related issues on a MAC. With relatively little support available compared to PCs, they can be nightmare to solve. My point is no system is perfect so go troll somewhere else.
        • No blue screen of dealth on my mac...

          ...but it still freeze up alot even with OS X.
          • weird.. my mac with OSX

            weird that my mac with OSX hasnt frozen or crashed and currenlty has an uptime of over a year .. no reboots or anything... there are some "critical" updates i am supposed to run on it that requires reboot, but hey.. no problem yet, they dont seem very critical to me...

            now i hear other people saying stuff like you.. and people saying stuff like me... both leave a very vague picture of whats going on.

            to make my above statement less useful, I'll let you know that sometimes the machine sits there for a month unused... usage is often left out when people complain or praise a platform.
          • No freezes here...

            ...but I have found that some OS X releases are a lot better than others. The current 10.4.2, for example, is the first version of Tiger that works perfectly for me.
          • I don't find it weird

            I have a duel mirror drive (single processor) powermac. I mostly use it to surf the web and for word processing while iTune runs in the background but I do other stuff with it too. Sometimes when I'm working on my Mac, it freezes. I find it weird that you don?t think a Mac can freeze.
          • I'm on 10.2.6

            I'm currently on 10.2.6. This is the only release that I've been exposed to so I'm not sure which releases are better. I do plan to switch to Tiger soon so I can start using the newer applications.

            ?Not saying that my Mac freezes all the time -- only saying that it does freezes (not limited to Windows). I'm sure if I knew more about the Mac I would have a better chance of preventing it from freezing, but in my opinion, that also applies to people who says the same about the PC.
          • Freeze Ups??

            Not on OS X (10.4.2) "Tiger"!
            This ol' iMac has been on for over two years; occasional re-starts
            after installing upates.
            Folks, let the lemmings use the Windoze system!
            I'm glad I'm a member of the virus-free minority!
        • My Macs have had problems

          But the "crashes" are all related to individual apps. I've run
          Office under OS X since I bought a PowerBook for business trips
          and Word does get locked up from time to time. I'm now
          running XP Pro under VPC 7 and it's got more stability than I had
          on my Dell (which has been replaced with a 20" G5 iMac),

          Non-MS apps can also lock up, but I consider that a program

          OS X has never died on me - when an app locks up I Force Quit
          and everything else is fine. Must be the protection offered by a
          Unix base.
        • At least my PC is not pink

          At least my PC is not pink and I can swapt from Windows or Linux as I please.
    • But, does it really reflect on the companies, or ourselves

      Are the post honest, or are many negative as we are jealous of Gate's money and Microsot's size and dominace?
      Look at Oracle: The company as a whole puts out some good products, is into Open Source, and yet becuase Larry Ellison is such an arrogant jerk, all post about Oracle the company are usually slanted towards the negative to downright nasty.

      As for the hits, depends on the headlines and the day's events: Yes, I'm more interested in a headline that reads "Apple switching to Intel" then I am "Microsoft adds new channel to it's VAR lines". Same with Google: "Google goes public, is stock price over-valued" more so then the headline: "Microsoft hires Joe Smith to head accounting in Europe"
      John Zern
      • wrong context

        The article itself makes me want to puke. I mean if you read it a
        second time you can see how zdnet is tooting it's own horn. The
        article has absolutley nothing to do with the popularity of the
        actual companies in that it actually has everything to do with
        how zdnet thinks that zdnet is da bomb.
        • Doubt it could have been said any clearer

          I have to say you hit it dead center on that.
          "it actually has everything to do with
          how zdnet thinks that zdnet is da bomb."

          just becuase more clicks on Google story then another story may not reflect "internet wide".
          Though I imagine zdnet probally believes itself the industry leader that everyone else follows...
          John Zern
          • BlogPulse validation?

            The 14 million blogs Intelliseek tracks plus + ZDNet News may not speak for the entire Internet, but I never implied that is what it did. These findings reflect our news sites only, but they also happen to correlate with Intelliseek's tool.
            chris jablonski