Dell servers most deliberated

Dell servers most deliberated

Summary: We just looked back at 6 months of IT Priorities data to see which vendors IT pros prefer and avoid for their dominant IT plans. In the server category, we found that Dell is by far the most preferred vendor as well as the most avoided among survey respondents listing server projects as a top priority.


ITPWe just looked back at 6 months of IT Priorities data to see which vendors IT pros prefer and avoid for their dominant IT plans. In the server category, we found that Dell is by far the most preferred vendor as well as the most avoided among survey respondents listing server projects as a top priority. IBM and HP appear to be in a neutral position, with nearly equal ratios of preferring and avoiding. Sun has a low ratio of IT managers preferring Sun's server products, with roughly 3 times as many avoiding them.

The latest chart of the week illustrates the findings: 20% named Dell as the vendor of choice, followed by 15% who prefer products from IBM, 14% from HP, and 2% from Sun. Those avoiding Dell amount to 19%; 14% listed HP; 14% for IBM, and 6% for Sun. 

Why Dell comes to mind for most of these IT professionals and with such polarization indicates that the quality and performance of Dell servers is a point in contention, evidently more so than in the case of competing vendors. I’ve heard and read a lot of stories, both bad and good about Dell’s offerings and remember seeing the split in the news Talkbacks.  More recently, it can be seen in this recent discussion string over on TechRepublic.

So if you're actively avoiding or preferring Dell servers, or feel strongly about any of the major server vendor, feel free to share your opinions with your peers here, and maybe we’ll get a better idea at what all the fuss is about.

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  • Dell Servers!

    I wouldn't wish a Dell Server on Microsoft.
  • Dells servers are great in overall value

    The make some great servers and decent prices.

    Most of the people who say they avoid Dell, is doing it only on the standpoint that it is Dell. Ive talked to numrous people in the IT field who said they wouldnt ever buy Dell, servers or otherwise, even though their only experience with the company is nothing more than a junky little $499 Dell Deminsion...

    Dell makes some computers that are absolute junk, but they make some that are wonderful. The main problem is with the people who bias their decisions off of the company, and not the full package.
    • Dell bias

      Your point applies to all companies. All manufacturers make both low end (translation: cheap but crap) and higher end (pricier but higher quality) equipment. I read a lot of posts slamming Dell, but usually when the writer tried to use Dell's very low end computers in inappropriate applications. Dell does provide good value, but only if you choose the appropriate equipment for your needs, as is true for all manufacturers. IT people should be able to make this choice, but from reading the posts here, it is obvious that some of them haven't got a clue.
      • Not quite all.

        "All manufacturers make both low end (translation: cheap but crap)
        and higher end (pricier but higher quality) equipment."

        That's not quite true. Apple avoids making junk. Consequently,
        their customers think they are great, but people who have never
        used them continue to avoid them because they think they are
        Immanuel Tranz-Mischen
    • For repairpeople maybe

      But not for a mission critical environment or any environment that you need reliability.

    • Have to Agree

      Buy a low end HP (including Compaq) or IBM and you bought yourself a great doorstop. Now whay wouldn't you then judge their 7000.00 servers on the experience of the 399.00 vectra or Aptiva (biggest POS when it came to hardware)?

      Then why are you doing it with Dell?
      John Zern
    • I use low end Dells a lot

      I use low end Dells a lot for in store linux servers to act as font servers for the in store thin clients. They work great for that purpose. We buy em cheap, wipe windows xp home off and put a 2.4 linux kernel and an xfs font server on em. We also use them to do the instore routing for the sub net. We don't need anything fancy we just need a cpu, memory and a little disk space so the low end dells work great. We used to use the low end HP's but they aren't the hardware would fail after a month or so of relatively easy use in about a quarter of the systems so we tend to stay away from HP and we stay away from gateway and a few others due to past issues with the products they produce.

      We have about 75 to 80 of these inexpensive linux based servers out at stores and I just love them they're cheap and the hardware is reliable.
  • DELL servers are low end and power hungry

    HP only have slightly more units than DELL, but HP make 3x the x86 server revenue
  • Smare companies Avoid Dell at all Costs

    Especially servers.

    Like everything else they make, their servers are utter GARBAGE.

    We have a few we inherited and they are _THE_ most _UNRELIABLE_ servers we have.

    Utter Garbage and we can't wait till next year when they are able to be thrown in the landfill where everything Dell belings.
    • He strikes again

      The mom and pop moron has been heard from.
      • Yup.

        You want Reliability and performance? Buy IBM or HP.

        You want Garbage with low performance? Buy Dell.

        Very simple.
        • Nope

          You want Reliability and performance? Buy Dell

          You want Garbage with low performance? Buy IBM or HP.

          Doesn't get much simpler then that.
          John Zern
    • "Belings"?

      Wait - let me guess. Your keyboard is made by Dell, too.
    • Could be you just ordered cheap

      Our Dells have been running reliably (and pretty much non-stop) for the last 5 years. Whats the problem, unless you're trying to run Windows2000 server on a Dell Dimension...
      John Zern
  • Dell servers are avg. at best.

    Dell servers are avg. at best and unreliable at their worse. We run a mix shop of Hp and Dell servers It seems like the HP's are better bult and more reliable. Dell's are cheaper. It just comes down to a question of how much up time you want.
    If you have a monthly reboot/maintance cycle then Dell will do the job. But if that system needs to be up months at a time then buy Higher end servers from HP or Sun. Dell is only selling a lot of servers because they are cheaper not better.
  • Better servers = Higher Price

    Why is it Wall Street expects HP to meet or beat Dell server prices, when they obviously spend more money to create a higher-quality, more reliable product.

    If analysts keep calling for Hurd to cut R&D to match the Dell model, then the ProLiant servers will become the same commodity pieces of crap that Dell sells.

    Judging from the market share numbers, and the responses here, it would appear most Enterprise-class server customers are willing to spend at least a small premium for servers that are more reliable, and generate less heat.

    The thermal engineers responsible for that kind of design need to be paid !!!
  • Cheap ad prices to suck you in and...

    very expensive upgrade paths in the www page setup of the server to purchase with a limb later. Configure away IT fanatics and soon you will see why Dell makes so much damn money. However it is the same with the rest of the lot. I don't have to supply data centers with hundreds or thousands of one unit servers so my opine is differing of the others. We build our own with component vendor support. Our ocst IS ALWAYS BELOW DELL and well below the others. Dell does get my congrats for basic servers and their cost, however if you are in the market for some real 'Iron' you should go elsewhere, and if you are not stocking a data center, take my opion of Dell or any of the others and go with someone who can get personal woth your local dealer.
  • ABD complainers

    The anything but Dell crowd is loud and angry. They seem to hate Dell beyond all reason. Company "F" has had YEARS of experience with Dell workstations and servers, and have had few complaints. This was written on a Dell that has served me well. Dell has a bright future at the "F" - I wouldn't write them off by any account.
    Roger Ramjet
    • We are the smart ones

      You need quality, you don't buy Dell.

      You need Garbage, you buy Dell.

      It's that simple. The only thing Dell is good for is the cardboard box their POS's come in, and even that's a joke.
    • Low Expectations

      Lots of people are satisfied with mediocrity. IT shops, however, that have a responsibility to protect the assets of their share owners tend to deliberate more before making a purchase which could jeopardize those.

      Maybe that's why Dell does best in the single processor/non-critical/SMB space, and IBM, HP and even Sun sell into the Enterprise/Fortune 500 shops where quality, innovation, support, and manageability are values beyond a seemingly low purchase price.

      Certainly, I'd no sooner write off Dell than K-mart. Than again, the latter is not where I'd go to buy a suit, either ...