Search for top Gartner alternative comes up empty handed

Search for top Gartner alternative comes up empty handed

Summary: Tekrati is addressing the debate over which industry analyst firm is the best alternative to Gartner, now that Gartner’s acquisition of Meta Group is history.


scorecardTekrati is addressing the debate over which industry analyst firm is the best alternative to Gartner, now that Gartner’s acquisition of Meta Group is history.  

Tekrati hand-picked what they consider are seven top choices in North America--Forrester Research, IDC and AMR Research, Burton Group, Info-Tech Research Group, The 451 Group, and Technical Advisory Council—and asked each of them the following question: "What is the primary reason that former META clients, from the end user community, should short-list your company for their industry research and advisory needs?"
Here are some highlights from the responses:

  • Karyl Levinson, Director, Corporate Communications, Forrester Research: "If former end user clients of META appreciated the company's size, culture and offerings, Forrester is the closest fit. We hear from former META clients that they particularly liked META's responsiveness and service, which is what our clients say they value about Forrester…"
  • Michael Shirer, Public Relations Director, IDC: "IDC has the deepest industry knowledge and experience of any market research firm."
  • Bruce Richardson, Chief Research Officer, AMR Research: "We serve two primary buyers -- IT and supply chain executives. We tend to win when one or both of these groups is looking for a team of research analysts that understands their vertical market, their critical business processes, and the whole spectrum of enterprise software vendors capable of providing applications or infrastructure software for their specific project or need…"
  • Jamie Lewis, CEO and Research Chair, Burton Group: "Because enterprises get something from us that they can't get from other research firms. Burton Group's focus and architectural approach give enterprise customers not just the "what to do," but the "how to do it…"
  • Davin Juusola, Vice President, Info-Tech Research Group: "With more than 25,000 clients at more than 10,000 companies, Info-Tech Research Group is the largest alternative to Gartner…"
  • Adam Needles, Vice President, Marketing, The 451 Group: "At an end-user level, The 451 Group is focused specifically on the early-adopter community…"
  • Hunter Muller, President & CEO, The Advisory Coucil: "TAC's unique business model is a next generation of IT advisory services, extending the value concept introduced by Meta."

The pitches fall into two camps based on the size of the firms. There are the niche players like Burton Group who cannot be easily compared to Meta apples to apples, and then there are the few 400 pound gorillas, like IDC and Forrester, which have a large scope but distinct agendas. Tekrati added insight from its own readers in its report, which, in this single statement, seems to sum up what conclusions can be drawn from this dubious excercise: "Ironically, there is no clear-cut consensus on a "top five" industry analyst list -- or on whether the META acquisition left a void in the IT industry research market."

Topic: CXO

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  • What are you asking for?

    [ IDC and Forrester, which have a large scope but distinct agendas]

    A TRUE scientific research group MUST follow the data - wherever it leads. Unfortunetly that's NOT a good way to make a commercial business, which manipulates "facts" to put itself in the best light. A for-profit research group will ALWAYS be biased.
    Roger Ramjet
    • Direction, advice, and recommendations

      True, bias may occur when revenue is on the line.

      It is still important to highlight happenings in the industry
      analyst space since technology decision makers rely on them as
      they do other information sources, such as peers. We recently
      conducted a study that looks into how technology decisions are
      made, and as soon as the research is published we will be sure
      to cover the highlights in Datapoint.

      chris jablonski
  • Can they answer the Question?

    Three of them could answer the question of why a customer of Meta should look at them. Answer in a meaningful way at least. Based on the (non) response of these three I would tend to eliminate them if I was looking for a company that viewed me as a customer rather than a revenue source:

    IDC "deepest industry knowledge base" - and shallowest response. I would hope for more than a brochure blurb and knee jerk sound byte from the company's PR director. Or maybe that's the problem.

    Info-Tech "Because we're the largest alternative" Oh yeah, big dinosaur auto reply to a specific question. Makes me doubt their ability to hear my needs.

    Advisory Council - Buzzword "BINGO!" winner du jour.

    The other companies all offered something concrete to make me want to consider them as an alternative by addressing culture, ability, or focus.