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Since 1998, Phil Wainewright has been a thought leader in cloud computing as a blogger, analyst and consultant.

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Ssh! ASPs are back, but don't tell anyone ...

There was a lot of speculation back in 1999/2000 about how the Internet was going to obsolete shrinkwrapped application software. Software vendors were going to become application service providers — ASPs — delivering their wares over the Internet for a monthly fee, and everyone was going to be a winner.

August 20, 2005 by Phil Wainewright


On-demand CRM from SAP? Ho hum

SAP's new offering is going to be nothing more than a defensive play, like the current version of Microsoft CRM — a half-hearted answer to customers who enquire whether the vendor has an on-demand option.

August 14, 2005 by Phil Wainewright