Manish Sablok

Manish Sablok is Head of Marketing, North Europe for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Manish has a key role in defining go-to-market messaging for customer service, network infrastructure and unified communications product suites in the Northern Europe region. Manish has previously produced articles and white papers on subjects including the importance of Customer Effort in the drive for loyalty, the importance of an Application Fluent Network in establishing an effective multi-channel communications infrastructure and how organisations can move away from single-vendor tie-in to realise greater business benefits. Manish has been at Alcatel-Lucent for seven years, and before his appointment for the new Enterprise group he was Solutions Marketing Director for Unified Communications (UC) with a worldwide remit. Manish Sablok has a strong background in communications infrastructure, having been at Avaya for five years as Product Marketing Manager for South Asia and before that was Global Account and Channel Sales Manager at Siemens.

Latest Posts

Unified Communications - meeting the business needs

Gartner states in its Magic Quadrant on Unified Communications for 2010: 'No vendor product adequately addresses all of an enterprise's UC needs. As a result, a best-of-breed approach remains the surest way of ensuring adequate functionality, and planners should require vendor products to be interoperable.

October 14, 2011 by Manish Sablok


Can’t get into the office today? No problem!

Recent disturbances have made it even more important for businesses to build home and remote working into their business communications infrastructure. And with the disruptions of the Olympics not far away, we all need to be prepared for employees to be able to work as well remotely or from home as they do in the office.

August 16, 2011 by Manish Sablok


How to make the ‘Happiness Dividend’ work for you

I was intrigued to see some research surface late last month which looked at job satisfaction rates. Shawn Achor wrote a blog published on the Harvard Business Review website entitled ‘The Happiness Dividend’, looking at why employees are unhappy in their work, and how companies can look to increase employee engagement.

August 2, 2011 by Manish Sablok


Bring 'water cooler conversations' into public domain

With so many people realising the power of social media outside of the enterprise in their personal lives, we mustn't forget its power across the enterprise, and by this I mean customer-to-employee AND employee-to-employee. Despite the surge in social media adoption, it is the area of biggest disparity between home and the enterprise.

June 9, 2011 by Manish Sablok