75% of Enterprises Have 'Bring Your Own Device' Policies. What That Means. (Charts)

75% of Enterprises Have 'Bring Your Own Device' Policies. What That Means. (Charts)

Summary: SAP's webcast today taught us a few things: Bring Your Own Device policies are already mainstream, Android and BlackBerry tablets are on the rise, and mainstream enterprises are deploying mobile apps today.


'Unwiring Your Enterprise with SAP: Mobile Industry Strategy, Trends and Lessons Learned (A Customer Perspective),' was the name of the webcast co-hosted by the SAP Community Network and the SAP EcoHub teams this morning.

Speakers included Andrew Borg, mobile analyst with the Aberdeen Group, Dan Ortega, senior director of mobility product marketing at Sybase, and Praveen Gautam and Kathy Murino, who are both technical directors at Tellabs, which as I've blogged about before, use the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) to mobilize their SAP apps and accelerate their warehouse workers.

There was a wealth of fascinating data and Q&A discussion presented with the cornucopia of slides (49, to be exact). If you would like to listen to the webcast and/or download all of the slides, please go here and click 'Launch Presentation'.

Below is my UTalkTooMuch 500-words-or-less webinar summary:

- Bring Your Own Device? It's real. Nearly three-quarters of companies allow employee-owned smartphones and/or tablets to be used at work, according to Aberdeen data (mix of late 2010 and 2011 surveys). A quarter give employees a whitelist of allowed devices, while almost half let employees bring in and use any device.

- The iPad may be huge in the enterprise (see my list), but companies are interested in tablets of all varieties, including Google Android ones like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook and HP webOS-based ones.

Companies need to plan ahead for this diversity by choosing a platform that can handle it. Unfortunately, they haven't yet: while 80% of corporate smartphones are securely managed, only 30% of tablets are, according to Borg. That's a problem because tablets are more likely to have sensitive corporate data.

- Mobility has moved beyond the Hype phase of Gartner's Hype Cycle with real, ROI-producing implementations. These companies, all Sybase/SAP customers, are using mobility in many different ways to transform their processes: P&G, Halliburton, Cox Communications, Home Depot, Citi, Cintas, Rubbermaid, CAT Logistics, Dr. Reddy's and others.

- Strategic-minded customers like Tellabs want to implement platforms such as Sybase rather than point solutions because it gives them flexibility (in the face of the diversity noted in bullet one) and scalability.

"We looked at a lot of vendors that played in either apps or mobile management," said Gautam. "When we looked at Sybase, we got excited, because SUP and Afaria together provide a platform that you need to be successful in mobility."

Using SUP to deploy SAP on an iPad, Tellabs has been able to speed up approvals in its supply chain by 66%. They are working on bringing similar capabilities to its BlackBerry users.

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  • RE: 75% of Enterprises Have 'Bring Your Own Device' Policies. What That Means. (Charts)

    Interesting. I've never worked for a place where they allowed me to hook up my personal device to the corporate infrastructure. The only benefit I see of the Playbook is it does not require 'additional' infrastructure/security support to implement in a company that already supports Blackberry devices. (opposed to the other options which are not simply 'plug-n-play'.)
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  • RE: 75% of Enterprises Have 'Bring Your Own Device' Policies. What That Means. (Charts)

    What are some of the companies that have this BYOD policies? Kraft, from what I have heard is only piloting to few employees, is there any other big corporates that are moving towards this?
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