Chart: Top 100 iPad Rollouts by Enterprises & Schools (Updated Oct. 16, 2012)

Chart: Top 100 iPad Rollouts by Enterprises & Schools (Updated Oct. 16, 2012)

Summary: In the latest iteration of my rankings of the largest iPad deployments, K-12 schools step into the spotlight.


As part of my research mapping the largest iPad and other tablet deployments by schools and universities, I also updated my list of the largest publicly-known iPad deployments, including companies, governmental agencies, etc.

Notable additions include Coachella Valley Unified School District, one of the poorest districts in the US, which has deployed 4,000 iPads, and may, depending on outcome of Nov. ballot, deploy another 16,000, according to Superintendent Dr. Darryl Adams.

Long Island University, one of the first large deployments on my list, will soon be up to 19,000 iPads. Conde Nast has 5,000 iPads. In Minnesota, West St. Paul has 1,550 and Minnetonka High School has at least 1,000 (thanks to Eric Simmons, director of technology at New Ulm Schools). 

There's also Lincoln School in Costa Rica (1,464 iPads), Croswell-Lexington Schools (MI) with 1,700 iPads, East Allen County Schools (IN) with 7,780 iPads, Roche (formerly Genentech), now up to 13,070 iPads, McAllen School District in Texas (moved from 5,000 to 25,000 iPads deployed), Clinton Public Schools (now up to 1,350 iPads), Encinitas Union (upgraded to 4,500 from 3,700 iPads), Abilene Christian University (Texas), Eanes ISD (Texas), the Leeds School of Medicine and Essa Academy (UK), Hult International Business School, Ft. Bend ISD (Texas), Prince George's County Schools (Maryland), Rochester (MN) School District, Mansfield County Schools (Texas), Vancouver & CDI Colleges, Beaufort County (GA) schools, Farmington (MN) schools, Muncie (ID) Community Schools, Encinitas Union (CA) Schools, Hopkins (MN) schools, and many, many more.

(Many thanks to my tipsters including Dr. Adams, Charles Clickner, head of technology at Lincoln School, Theo Kerhoulas, principal at Croswell-Lexington Schools, Kurt Dager in the IT department at East Allen County Schools, Paul Lanzi, Roche manager for enterprise mobile applications, George Saltsman, director of mobile learning at Abilene Christian University, Kevin Hime, superintendent, Clinton Public Schools, Mike Guerena, tech director at Encinitas Union, Jill Burdo, tech integration specialist at Ramsey Middle School (MN), Yousuf Khan, CIO of Hult Intl. Business School, Brett Belding, senior IT manager at Cisco, Thomas Burgess of Lexington School District One (SC), Cathleen Richardson of Apple, and anyone else I might have stupidly forgotten.)

Indeed, nearly 70 out of my top 100 are K-12 schools. 

My readers have probably seen some version of this list before, which I've updated every few months for the past year.

Besides the new schools on the list, the major differences with this version are:

a) I've expanded it from 50 to 100;

b) I've changed the way I've embedded the list, hopefully making it more attractive and readable.

If you want to copy and paste the below data but are having trouble, please visit the Google Spreadsheet.

Check out my entire list of iPad deployments here, and my Android list here.

Oh, and please send any missing deployments to me via ericyolai@gmail.com or via Twitter @ericylai.


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  • RE: Top 50 iPad Rollouts by Enterprises & Schools

    Medtronic thinks that by deploying thousands of ipads to their sales people and executives, they will sell more product to save their 5 year downward trend.
  • iPad is the best

    To be honest, Apple iPad/iPad 2 makes the life less dull. Tastes change, fads fade, but iPad is always the tide and in the complete control the Tablet market.


    As a powerful converter, iPad 2 Video Converter can easily convert kinds of videos to iPad for playing.
    James Denton
  • RE: Top 50 iPad Rollouts by Enterprises & Schools

    How is the iPad ready for such enterprise usage? It's certainly fine for email, but I don't see how it'll be useful for much else. Not hating here, just genuinely curious. Particularly as these things aren't cheap!
    • RE: Top 50 iPad Rollouts by Enterprises & Schools

      @Imrhien It's a legit question, but in my mind, easy to answer. First, there are many productivity apps already out there. See

      Second, using connectors like Citrix, you can tunnel securely back to your corporate network to access data and applications on their servers. Not my preferred technique, though, because of the sluggish performance of virtual desktops.

      Third, there are lots of enterprise apps emerging, from my employer (SAP/Sybase) and others.

      See some of my postings on this (and/or attend the associated webinars):
  • Free iPad Games

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  • RE: Top 50 iPad Rollouts by Enterprises & Schools

    It might be useful to get this metric as ipads to number of employees to see penetration.
    • RE: Top 50 iPad Rollouts by Enterprises & Schools

      @vijayasankarv@... Agree...it's on my list of to-dos...
  • It has swiftly captured the market

    Agree. The tablet swiftly adopted by schools and is good to provide education.

    We have also developed and launched the children learning app named "Flash Card Age 0-2" for which we are got good responses from parents.

  • Trend of Time?

    Would you be able to share how this has increased/decreased over time?
  • iStartSmart Mobile Tablet Learning Solution

    Hatch Early Learning's tablet solution for kids is incredibly easy to use and takes all the hassle and worry out of tablet integration in classrooms. All the content is research-based and aligns with learning standards. http://www.hatchearlychildhood.com/pages/early-learning-tablet-for-kids
  • Can one use iPad w/o purchasing Apple's S/W?

    It may sound as simple Q: I would like to purchase an iPad but I am not willing to be buying Apple's expensive s/w or services. Can I just buy the h/w and then find FREE applications to use to make this a usefull endeavour?

    For instance I will be using the WiFi at my home (or elsewhere) and I do not want to enroll to any 4G or 3G connectivity. Are there free apps for say photo management, video, or other common home / office tasks ? Or do I need to lock in expensive Apple apps?

    thanks ...
    • There are free/cheap apps galore on App Store

      I've been surprised at how many free/inexpensive apps there are. For an example, if you take ALL of the 30+ games on our family iPad and the $ we've spent on buying the apps and in-app purchases, it probably is less than the TWO cartridges I bought for my kids Nintendo 3DS. You should be able to skim the App Store list on the Web...
  • missing data

    There are other schools piloting as well - Belding Area Schools is piloting 1,300. Also wasn't NYC 10,000 that brought down their network just before Christmas and upset just about every school administrator there? Also, you're mentally calculating off of very low numbers a long term trend -- there are more than 50 MILLION kids. Quite a few of the biggest districts have said they will never purchase for full 1:1 deployment. Most are going BYOD. Also, most districts are only in pilot for a mere few thousand, and Chicago Public Schools CIO has said he will "pilot anything" right now, as well as Clark County who is also purchasing a slew of Galaxy Tabs at the same time as the iPads. You need to actually TALK to some people. Apple's model is most likely a flash-in-the-pan while the market awaits Win8.
    • Trying hard as I can!

      Hey, thanks for those leads! I definitely do want to talk to more companies/schools. You might have seen my bigger list - http://ipadpilots.k12cloudlearning.com/ which has 700 organizations or so on it.

      You seem very plugged in. Would you be willing to share more info or leads? Please post here or contact me at ericyolai@gmail.com, thanks!
  • Great info and looking for continued updates

    So Eric this is great info and it is good to see how companies/schools/etc are doing with regards to enabling devices on their network. However going forward it would be good to see if we can get more details around this data. For example when you say deployed that could be different things. In Cisco for example those numbers you list are mostly BYOD and not assets that were 'deployed'. This could be significantly important to people due to the difference in managed deployment of company mobile assets and BYOD assets added to an Enterprise network.
    Just some stats for those interested:
    Cisco has today almost 50,000 BYOD active devices - 20% lower support cases for mobility - 29% lower per user cost and 33% higher satisfaction.
    Learn more here: http://newsroom.cisco.com/release/854754/Cisco-Study-IT-Saying-Yes-To-BYOD

    Also - what is with Korea Telecom? If you have ever been in Korea you know that the Korean's are in general very supportive of their own country products. Must have been some big push from Apple on that one.

    Anyway Eric - again thanks for the info and look forward to getting more updates on this.
    Michael deHaas
    Collaboration Consultant
    • Impressive!

      A belated thanks on the Cisco factoid. 50K BYOD devices is mighty impressive. For comparison, SAP is at 4,000 which is good but not close, obviously...

      Agree that breaking down corporate-liable vs. BYOD is important. It would be very hard to break that down - most people don't report that. When it becomes more commonplace, I'll see what I can do about adding that data...