CTIA: An Anti-Texting App That Could Save Your Money or Your Life (Video)

CTIA: An Anti-Texting App That Could Save Your Money or Your Life (Video)

Summary: Safe 2 Text is a new smartphone app that may help texting and e-mail addicts from giving into temptation while driving.


Despite it being against the law, I'm one of tens of millions of Americans guilty of sneaking peeks at my iPhone while driving.

At least I've only done this at while stopped at a light. I've never texted or sent e-mails while actually driving, scared off by stories such as this one.

But plenty of us lack even that minimal amount of self-control.

And fines are going up around the country. In San Antonio, the fine for driving-while-texting is going up to $200.

Those people ought to consider the Safe 2 Text software from PhoneGuard.

I caught up with PhoneGuard's CEO, Scott Frohman, on the CTIA show floor.

In a video interview, he described the technology behind the Safe 2 Text and its various features, including those aimed at parents of teens and business owners. I can't embed the video due to a bug in ZDNet's software, so here's the link.

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