How to Relieve Your Multi-Platform Mobile Headache...

How to Relieve Your Multi-Platform Mobile Headache...

Summary: The solution may be awaiting you in the latest issue of Sybase's Enterprise Mobility Newsletter.


...is the headline for the latest Q4 issue of Sybase's Enterprise Mobility Newsletter, which touts a Dec. 15 webcast with Forrester Research analyst Benjamin Gray discussing how your enterprise can tame mobile complexity.

There is also a link to a new whitepaper comparing the merits of a mobile middleware approach versus point solutions, a customer video showing how Kindred Healthcare's therapists save time using Windows Mobile devices deployed and managed by Sybase Afaria, and a teaser for a print/e-book by Sybase on enterprise mobility.

Co-edited by yours truly, the guide will be available very early next year and include contributions from partners such as Google, RIM, Motorola, the research firm Yankee Group, and more.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here,and check out back issues here.

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