SAP Ports First HANA-Based Consumer Mobile App to Android in Just 5 Weeks

SAP Ports First HANA-Based Consumer Mobile App to Android in Just 5 Weeks

Summary: SAP has taken its first B2C mobile app, Recalls Plus, from iOS to Android in five weeks using a development framework from a vendor with whom it recently signed a partnership.


The old SAP would never have been able to deploy apps in a matter of weeks, either for customers (via its Rapid Deployment Solutions group) - or for itself.

As Captain Kirk might've adlibbed, this is not your father's SAP.

Earlier this spring, SAP released its first HANA-based mobile consumer app, Recalls Plus.

Recalls Plus has delivered more than 10,000 food, drug and toy alerts to concerned parents since its release.

SAP's in-house developers used the popular HTML5 app development framework, PhoneGap, from Adobe Systems Inc., to accomplish this.

PhoneGap, as you might recall, was one of three frameworks that SAP announced in April would be integrated with SAP's mobile platforms. Sencha and Appcelerator are the two others.

PhoneGap is famed for its ease of development. One YouTube video by SAP mentor John Moy shows a PhoneGap app being built in just 5 minutes.

In our case, it took SAP five weeks to port the app written in iOS's native Objective C code to HTML5-based code that can run on Android devices using PhoneGap.

That is still impressive, considering the translation work required, as well as the complexity of the data Recalls Plus relies upon.

Recalls Plus draws on data from four different U.S. government agencies that are stored and pulled from the fast SAP HANA data platform.

Download the Android version of Recalls Plus from Google Play here, or send the link to your parent friends.

If you want to meet the folks behind Recalls Plus, find them at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando next week. They will be at the Mobility Campus giving demos, speaking at microforums and talking to influencers and any other interested attendees.

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  • Speed To Market

    I think it's clear this article should highlight more that the reason for the quick development turn around is the Sencha frameworks, rather than phonegap and appcellerator parts.

    Those guys at Sencha really make mobile applications easy.
    • Correction

      As part of the development team I wanted to clarify that we did not use the Sencha frameworks as your post alluded to. We used an in-house framework combined with phone gap for the Android HTML5 Recalls Plus mobile application available today on Google Play US marketplace: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sap.recallsplus
      Sarah McMullin