Survey: Ideal Android Tablet Has 10-Inch Screen, Loaded With Apps & Under $300

Survey: Ideal Android Tablet Has 10-Inch Screen, Loaded With Apps & Under $300

Summary: There will soon be dozens of Android tablets on the market. But in terms of what most consumers want, there is still a Platonic ideal.


One of the beauties of Google's Android platform is the diversity of smartphones, and soon, tablets, to fit every customer preference, as opposed to Apple's "our-good-taste-fits-everyone" approach.

Still, a Platonic Ideal of an Android tablet does exist, judging by the results of a Zogby International poll put out Wednesday and sponsored by Sybase.

According to the 2,100 American adults surveyed, the tablet would have the same 10-inch screen as the iPad, have a ton of readily available apps, and cost less than $300 - after carrier contracts (more on this later).

The survey also showed a significant number of Americans interested in Android tablets (23%) and in using tablets as laptop replacements for work or fun (one in four).

Many respondents also expressed more trust in tablets made by a laptop or notebook manufacturer (good news for HP, Dell and Asus) and less trust in tablets made by vendors better-known for their smartphones (not-such-good news for LG, Samsung and Motorola).

Here's some of the detailed data:

- Not only would 23% of Americans buy an Android-based tablet, but half of Android phone owners said they would buy an Android tablet. Considering how fast Android smartphone sales are growing - IDC predicted recently that Android will be #2 ahead of iPhone and BlackBerry globally by the end of this year - this brand loyalty could be a huge boon for Android tablet makers.

- One in four Americans expect their employers to provide access to tablets in the enterprise.

- Tablets make employees more creative, efficient and better problem solvers, said respondents.

- While the largest group of respondents (40%) said they didn't care whether a tablet came from a smartphone or laptop maker, the second-largest percentage (29%) said they would trust one more if it was made by a laptop maker. 24% weren't sure, while 7% preferred one from a smartphone maker.

- 56% said they'd rather buy a tablet with a wireless data contract at a lower price rather than pay more without a contract.

- How low of a price? 29% said their ideal price for a tablet would be under $300. Considering their apparent willingness to pay $20-40 a month for a data contract, this gives manufacturers some key wiggle room. For instance, they could build a $600 tablet that they primarily intend to be sold through carriers for $300.

- Bigger is not always better. 50% preferred a tablet with a 9-10 inch screen (good news for the Toshiba Folio 100 and the ViewSonic ViewPad 100) while 26% preferred the 12-inch version. The 7-inch form factor came in 3rd - surprising, perhaps, considering the excitement around the 7-inch Samsung Tab. The 5-inch form factor, represented in real life by the Dell Streak, garnered the least interest.

- Customers love apps, of course. But it also turns out that many of them (33%) also want a real keyboard with their tablet. Isn't that what those convertible touchscreen Windows laptops that never took off were? Yes, but there were two key differences: Windows, and the use of pens/styluses rather than true finger-based multi-touch.

As per my strong bias, customers don't care about videoconferencing or a camera.


So what would your ideal Android tablet include and how much would it cost?

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  • excitement?

    there is no excitement around the 7" galaxy tab in the real world. just a few blogs desperate in their pursuit of finding an ipad "killer" when in reality there is none. only vaporware from lots of desperate copycat companies and a 5" and a 7" phone that do less and cost more. apple has once again outclassed a whole industry that tries to recover from the seismic shock the ipad has unleashed upon them. but this time apple will not leave a price umbrella for the competition to exploit. a galaxy tab with a much smaller screen, a weaker battery, no apps and almost double the price. you can't call that competition. it's a joke.
    banned from zdnet
    • RE: Survey: Ideal Android Tablet Has 10-Inch Screen, Loaded With Apps & Under $300

      There is a 10" Android Tablet. I don't think it's loaded with Apps but it's only $239
      Jacqueline J Spratley
      • RE: Survey: Ideal Android Tablet Has 10-Inch Screen, Loaded With Apps & Under $300

        @Jacqueline J Spratley Which tablet is that?
      • ericylai@... (below) I was going to ask the same question.......

        but I had found it quicker/simpler to query goggle shopping........<br>There appear to be several; the aPad, Epad, Flatpad, Zenthink and others........<br><a href="http://www.google.com/search?q=10%22+Android+Tablet.&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.google.com/search?q=10%22+Android+Tablet.&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a</a><br><br>@banned, yes the iPad is great and created a new category in computing & out classed many....... But there are others some of which cost less & do more....
      • 11

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    • RE: Survey: Ideal Android Tablet Has 10-Inch Screen, Loaded With Apps & Under $300

      @banned from zdnet
      This is a good one. Its $299, 16:9 perspective (for HD videos and better browser layout), android, no carrier needed. In fact you can tether to your cellphone via the usb port that ipad doesn't have. There is also a 7 inch version if you so choose (choice is a good thing).

      • RE: Survey: Ideal Android Tablet Has 10-Inch Screen, Loaded With Apps & Under $300

        @rengek Yup, forgot about Archos and how early in the game they are, and the many models they're coming to market with now:
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  • RE: Survey: Ideal Android Tablet Has 10-Inch Screen, Loaded With Apps & Under $300

    I thought it was called the Adam by Notion Ink...
  • RE: Survey: Ideal Android Tablet Has 10-Inch Screen, Loaded With Apps & Under $300

    I recently purchased a AU$150 Android 2.1 tablet that has a 7 inch display and built-in 3G connectivity. I use it as my primary mobile phone (with a bluetooth headset) and my light web surfing device (I still have a Windows PC for my primary Internet and other work).

    The main plus is that this is my eReader - a size that is idea for reading Kindle ebooks; it's almost exactly the same size as a paperback!

    So, no. 10 inch is too large to be of practical use.

    The only problem with my choice? It's camera settings. The pictures it takes are marketing-biased: ie. it has a "high" resolution due to market pressures but takes worse pictures than my cheap digital camera in it's lowest 0.3 megapixel mode! This is because the table is taking 3.0 megapixel images but in 75 dpi density. Cheap digital cameras take images in 300 dpi density. A huge difference in the final image quality. I am looking around for a new camera app that allows me to select both the resolution and 'density': 800 x 480 widescreen images (to match the screen ratio of my modern TVs) in 300 dpi is my goal. If anyone knows of an app that allows me to select these settings, please drop a comment with this article, thanks.

    Sydney, Australia
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