Tellabs Says SAP App is Two-Thirds Faster On iPad Than Laptop

Tellabs Says SAP App is Two-Thirds Faster On iPad Than Laptop

Summary: Running business apps on an iPad can be much faster on an iPad than on a regular Windows laptop. Just ask telecom vendor, Tellabs.


Some critics say that enterprises are jumping onto the iPad bandwagon armed with flimsy business reasons and fuzzy ROI scenarios that disguise the fact that it's the big boys in the executive suite want them.

That may be true for some companies, but not Tellabs Inc.

The telecom equipment maker is one of the enterprises publicly embracing the iPad. The Chicago-area firm is testing 20 iPads, upon which it plans to run mobile versions of its SAP apps (rewritten using the Sybase Unwired Platform).

Tellabs posted a video showing how fast it will be for its workers to approve urgent and unusual shipments using the iPad.

According to the video, the worker using the iPad approved the shipment within 30 seconds, versus 1:22 for the laptop user (63% faster, to be exact).

This was due to a number of factors:

- Unlocking and starting up an iPad is faster than waking a Windows laptop;

- Getting secure access to the SAP app via iPad is faster than the process of signing in and tunneling in via VPN via a laptop;

- All of the heavy-duty ERP info is readily available via the SAP app.

All in all, Tellabs expects the iPad will help it ship its customer orders out the door faster, especially during busy end-of-the-month crunch times. And that has to help Tellabs' top and bottom line.

Check out Apple's iPad in Business site for more business customer profiles and videos, including Hyatt, RehabCare, a non-profit agency and a dental office.

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  • iPad making SAP faster or SAP creating better App?

    Seems most of the factors were due to SAP writing a better app for the iPad then Windows.
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