(Updated) 20 Largest iPad Rollouts by Enterprises Or Schools

(Updated) 20 Largest iPad Rollouts by Enterprises Or Schools

Summary: Apple's iPad tablet is continuing to invade schools and enterprises, with news of Medtronic's 4,500 iPad deployment and Long Island University now at 6,000. Here's the list of the 20 largest adopters.


(Updated Nov. 22) Surveys of IT pros declaring future iPad rollouts are nice. But what you want to see is proof that your enterprise and scholastic peers are walking the walk, not just talking the talk, right?

Recognizing that the iPad list maintained by myself and ed-tech consultant Jim Siegl - now up to 250+ organizations, by the way - isn't the easiest to sort, I've gone through and manually plucked the largest Apple iPad deployments to date. (Note: Long Island University, which was previously #2 on our list with 3,500 iPads deployed, has now rolled out 6,000. Look for more details soon.) Here goes:

Organization Industry Total
1 Long Island University Higher Education 6,000
2 Medtronic Medical Devices 4,500
3 Seton Hill College Higher Education 2,100
4 SAP AG Software 2000*
5 Otsuka Pharma Healthcare 1,300
6 Deutsche Vermogensberatung Financial Services 1,200
7 MicroStrategy Software 1,100
8 Ottawa Hospital Healthcare 1000*
9 Chicago Public Schools K-12 Education 736
10 Illinois Institute of Technology Higher Education 600
11 Manatee County School District (Florida) K-12 Education 543
12 State of Victoria in Australia K-12 Education 500
13 Victoria Hospitals (Australia) Healthcare 500
14 St. Andrew's School in Georgia K-12 Education 480
15 University of Minnesota (College of Education) Higher Education 450
16 Pinellas County School District (Florida) K-12 Education 400
18 CA Dept. of Education K-12 Education 400
19 Gibbon Fairfax Winthrop High School (MN) K-12 Education 320
20 Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community School (Indiana) K-12 Education 300
Total 21,429
* To date - CIO Oliver Bussmann has said SAP may deploy up to 17,000 iPads
**Planned, but still ongoing.
Source: http://ipadpilots.k12cloudlearning.com/
Some emerging patterns:

1) Educators are mad for the iPad, taking 12 of the 20 spots.

2) Certain geographies are over-represented:

-- My home state of Minnesota (Medtronic, the University of Minnesota and Gibbon Fairfax Winthrop High School).

-- The Australian State of Victoria.

-- Chicago, Illinois

-- Germany

3) Cashed-up financial services companies, which are usually early adopters, are scant (apart from Deutsche Vermogensberatung). BofA and Wells Fargos are on the larger list, though they've only confirmed small deployments. Is this due to secrecy? Any one have any tips?

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  • RE: 20 Largest iPad Rollouts by Enterprises Or Schools (as of Nov 10)

    Thanks for the info. Just prior to the launch of the iPad, many readers of ZDNet and ZDNet professional bloggers would have bet "the farm" on the proposition that the iPad would not be adopted by educational institutions.

    In seven months, your preliminary data would indicate that, the iPad had successfully been integrated into a few higher educational institutions. I'm sure more will follow when the second generation of iPads are released.
    • RE: 20 Largest iPad Rollouts by Enterprises Or Schools (as of Nov 10)

      @kenosha7777 The academic uptake has been much higher than I would've personally figured...I think it's a mix of motivations, which I plan to explore in a later post.