What CIOs Think About Enterprise Mobility...(webinar)

What CIOs Think About Enterprise Mobility...(webinar)

Summary: This post is a blatant ad for an all-day virtual event on mobility put up by Sybase and SAP on Wednesday, April 20th. And a cute toddler pic (I couldn't find a cat one).


...is the topic of the interview I'm conducting for this Wednesday's (4/20) SAP and Sybase-sponsored Virtual Event, 'Why Go Mobile?'. Running from 10 am to 5 pm ET, you'll be able to ask both technical and business-side questions from the mobility experts from SAP and Sybase (did I mention already it's this Wednesday?)

Check out the schedule here. As you can see, we're going back to basics, folks, on this one.

So bring along the objections from your most skeptical bosses/IT managers to deploying mobility, and we'll try our best to refute 'em.

Heck, read this whitepaper on the advantages of a mobile enterprise application platform over a point solution beforehand, just so you can be better equipped to debate our technical experts.

Or bring along your BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator so he can try to prove our contention, that deploying a mobile device management solution such as Sybase Afaria can match or top BES for security, is flat-out wrong. We're ready for you.

Or come and pick nits on the copious data that Sybase senior product marketing director Dan Ortega plans to show to prove on how fast enterprise mobility is growing. Dan's up to the challenge.

Or learn the ROI-winning strategies for deploying workflow, CRM and the many other SAP mobile apps to be announced at SAPPHIRE NOW next month...this Wednesday!

This stock library image has ZERO relevance to the 'Why Go Mobile' webinar above. It's here just for the LOLZ.

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