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A Sydney, Australia-based journalist, Michael Lee covers a gamut of news in the technology space including information security, state Government initiatives, and local startups.

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Is the hack more important than the hacked?

It's not very often that a company gets hacked and then agrees to talk about the incident, so when the finance director of a Sydney-based firm asked if I would be interested in writing a story about a security breach that cost him AU$9,000, I grabbed the opportunity.The finance director, let's call him Ken, only realised there was a problem when his telephone provider called to say there had been an unusually high volume of international calls.

October 26, 2006 by Munir Kotadia


Banking show security bypassed with a smile

Sibos 2006 organisers had probably spent more on security than any other exhibition I have been to; however, all it took was a friendly gesture from one security guard to create a gaping hole in the security infrastructure.My first thoughts when walking into the main hall at the Sydney Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour last week were "this is where the money is at".

October 19, 2006 by Munir Kotadia

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