Adobe about-face: Photoshop, Illustrator patches will be free

Adobe about-face: Photoshop, Illustrator patches will be free

Summary: Adobe has changed course and will now backport the fixes to existing software versions.

TOPICS: Security

Facing widespread criticism for its decision to bundle critical security updates into paid upgrades for Photoshop and Illustrator, Adobe has changed course and will now backport the fixes to existing software versions.

The company's about-face was included in an update to the security bulletin:

We are in the process of resolving the vulnerabilities addressed in these Security Bulletins in Adobe Illustrator CS5.x, Adobe Photoshop CS5.x (12.x) and Adobe Flash Professional CS5.x, and will update the respective Security Bulletins once the patches are available.

The company did not provide a timeline for when the backported patches will be available.

Topic: Security

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  • WTF

    And so soon after we vented our impaled spleens? :O

    Now if MS would about-face and make Metro go away...
    • Yu're more likely

      To get aDemorate to admit the truth about their agenda, than Microsoft abandoning Metro. If Microsoft is going to have any chance at killing the Andriod/iOS monopolies, hey need to force feed the public "Metro everythig" Only one active program running, ad everything must m=be sold throught the Microsoft "Program Store"
      Jumpin Jack Flash
  • Customers need to vote with the wallets and their feet

    Why customers would continue to support a vendor with such a poor attitude is beyond me.
  • Adobe has consistently shown little respect for its customers...

    with poorly organized menus, hidden or missing configuration options, pathetic documentation (let the user forums figure it out!), and capricious UI changes that remove useful features of previous versions. They charge enough for their popular products to provide premium in-box and online support, but fail to deliver.
  • angst

    (I hate Adobe) + (I use their software) = angst
  • Glad to see their solved their anal-cranial inversion issues

    Non-support for products sold just 3 months ago (outside free upgrade time windows) is a terrible, terrible policy.

    Heck, it's bad for current sales. Who wants to buy somewhat expensive software packages if the seller won't support it?

    Whether Adobe takes this as a teachable moment and doesn't repeat this error again is another question...