After WikiLeaks, White House tackles 'insider threat'

After WikiLeaks, White House tackles 'insider threat'

Summary: The White House will issue an executive order to put systems in place to safeguard classified government documents.


The U.S. government is finally scrambling to catch up to the "insider threat" that led to the WikiLeaks embarrassment.

The New York Times is reporting that the White House will issue an executive order later today to replace a flawed patchwork of computer security safeguards exposed by the WikiLeaks disclosure of hundreds of thousands of classified government documents.

From the article:

The directive enshrines many stopgap fixes that the Pentagon, the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency made immediately after the initial WikiLeaks disclosures last November. Since then, for instance, the military has disabled 87 percent of its computers to prevent people from downloading classified data onto memory sticks, CDs or DVDs.

The Pentagon has also developed procedures to monitor and detect suspicious behavior on classified computer systems.

The White House order is expected to include the creation of a task force led by the attorney general and the director of national intelligence to combat leaks from government workers.

I will also establish a special government committee that must submit a report to the president within 90 days, and then at least once a year after that, assessing federal successes and failures in protecting classified information on government computer networks.

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  • "Quick! Close the barn door!"

    "The horses are gone!"
    • "Burn every Solyndra related record NOW!!"

      Tell them your cat eats the doc if Congress asks.
      • RE: After WikiLeaks, White House tackles 'insider threat'

        @LBiege Just go Reagan and tell them you don't remember.
  • RE: After WikiLeaks, White House tackles 'insider threat'

    This would not be necessary if peopled had followed established OPSEC/COMSEC, and established security measures. But, this will stop the excuses!
    • RE: After WikiLeaks, White House tackles 'insider threat'

      @windozefreak I absolutely agree. I used to be an Information Assurance Security Officer for the Army and regulations like AR 25-2 already have these mechanisms written in. The problem is, with so much turn over in the units and in other areas of government, people have failed to enforce the law and hold the violators accountable for their actions. This is a useless way to get things done, but I guess they wanted to make sure they covered their own asses.
  • After emails about Solyndra and Fast & Furious ...

    I'm pretty sure this is an attempt to stop access to emails that will further embarrass and incriminate Eric Holder, Barack Obama and "teflon" Rahm. Examine the timing of it.
  • RE: After WikiLeaks, White House tackles 'insider threat'

    Most of the 'secrets' revealed by WikiLeaks were ones that were embarassing or inconvenient to the governments involved. Thee is a difference between 'classified' information (information which disclosed could be damaging to the defense of the country) versus 'For Official Use Only' information which if disclosed could cause emergency CYA measures to various red-faced personages within the government or governments concerned. Only information the release of which could cause damage to our ability to defend our country should be classified, however just about anything that the powers in charge deem to be inconvenient if disclosed are classified. This is fraud (withholding of information which should not be classified), waste (use of resources to classify and protect the information) and abuse (miscarriages of power, hiding information which would jeopardize one's position or hold on power).
    • RE: After WikiLeaks, White House tackles 'insider threat'

      You have no idea about that which you speak. People versed in military security knows that the enemy can piece together information that one might think harmless and can make and jepordize your mission. That's why we train personnel on OPSEC/COMSEC procedures to make sure we are secure.
  • Classified = Embarrassing

    So there.