Anonymous releases an OS?

Anonymous releases an OS?

Summary: A Tumblr webpage has been created for a new operating system called "Anonymous-OS Live." At least two reliable sources for Anonymous news says the OS isn't what you think it is.


Update: SourceForge pulls Anonymous-OS

Someone has created an operating system and named it after the hacktivist group Anonymous. Dubbed Anonymous-OS Live, the software is reportedly an Ubuntu 11.10-based 32-bit distribution using the Mate desktop.

It comes pre-installed with the following apps: ParolaPass Password Generator, Find Host IP, Anonymous HOIC, Ddosim, Pyloris, Slowloris, TorsHammer, Sqlmap, Havi, Sql Poison, Admin Finder, John the Ripper, Hash Identifier, Tor, XChat IRC, Pidgi, Vidalia, Polipo, JonDo, i2p, Wireshark, Zenmap, and so on.

Those behind it says it's "created for educational purposes" and for "checking the security of web pages." They also warn not to use any of the tools "to destroy any web page" because doing say may make mean you "end up in jail because is a crime in most countries!"

Wait a minute; that doesn't sound like Anonymous (and we're not just talking about grammar here). Right you are. The Twitter account YourAnonNews, which has 556,000 followers had similar thoughts:

#Protip - Don't use Anonymous OS, we don't know anything about it and can't vouch for it. Because stupid f***s can't read. @_C0nstellati0n_, Anonymous OS can't be trusted please think before you use it. We're NOT vouching for it. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for other people's lack of common sense. We repeatedly posted Anon-OS is not to be trusted. #Anonymous OS: Review | << We warned you of Zeus Trojan, and now this. Don't get something unless you do your research! Thought about getting #Anonymous OS? You might as well just get this distro instead: :P The Reddit thread on the sketchy-as-hell Anonymous-OS is actually quite an entertaining, often enlightening read! |

The Twitter account AnonOps, which has 300,000 followers, sent out the following two messages:

The Anon OS is fake it is wrapped in trojans. RT Newsroom: "#Anonymous‘Anonymous-OS' is fake" (En, Es, Fr, It) >>

Whoever is behind the operating system responded with the following post:

The #anonops on their twitter account say "That Anonymous-OS is wrapped in trojans." Please people… in our world, in Linux and opensource world, there is not virus.

If any user believe that Anonymous-OS "is wrapped in trojans" or "backdoored OS by any Law enforcement Company or Hacker" please don't download it!

But don't mislead the world that Linux is dangerous and has trojans!

Thousands have already downloaded the 1.5GB file named "Anonymous-OS_0.1.iso" – just yesterday the number of downloads was at 4,600, while at the time of writing SourceForge reports over 37,000 downloads. There's not including the torrent file, which is of course harder to use for tracking the number of completed downloads. If you're one of those downloading the OS, or want to be, use it at your own risk.

Update: SourceForge pulls Anonymous-OS

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  • I love their logic

    "It's Linux, it can't have malware!!1!one!1!"

    It's not Linux that's dangerous, it's all the other stuff you added in.
    • What logic?

      Oh, it's much worse than that. If I have the OS source code, give me a few hours and I'll make a variant of Linux so insecure it'll make your wrist watch vulnerable to viruses.

      It's obvious most of those who claim Linux "can't have virus" are not real programmers.
  • has nothing to do with logic - it is called rhetoric.

    • Double standards

      When the same sort of dogmatic pap is peddled by the MS fanboys, then it [b]IS[/b] logical - at least according to them.
  • Errrr.....

    Would anyone really trust anything that comes from them?
    I think a story came out recently where a "supporter" downloaded something from an Anonymous site and it was malware infected. Nice way to p?ss off their supporters.
    • Yep
  • It's fake

    It seems now thieves are using the 'anonymous brand' as a way for stealing people personal data.
  • hackers dream os is actualy social enginered to fool the foolers

    The tools mentioned are all real and utilized hacker tools used by obsured cracker to the Information Security speciallist. In this case the tools or even the os it's self are laiden with malware. Linux is not immune to malware as some people think. It's just that Windows has far more malware floating around the web. Linux is imunne to all the Windowa based malware. It decreases the footprint of the vounerablilities which makes linux technically more secure than windows out of the box.

    However if a hacker was worth their salt they would know where to get the tools on their own.

    But the fax remains. As long as the human error exsits, no network is %100 secure.
  • They're not hacktivists.

    They're not hacktivists. They're cyber terrorists.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong...

    But if you're going to "hack" anything, shouldn't you already know what tools to use? Shouldn't you have the skill to gather them on your own? Wouldn't be better to build your toolbox on your own so as to be "harder to see"?

    It seems to me that fake or not, the supposed "OS" is a good way to advertise your intent. It is a trap, with or without trojans.

    Besides, distros should have most of what you could ever want in their repositories.
  • It was them

    If Anonymous is as headless as it claims then this probably is from them. If there is no final authority then just one member is good enough to claim credit for Anonymous. Life would be easier for them if Anonymous was a registered trademark.

    Besides, there are security suites based on Linux already so the only unique itch this scratches is the desire to be part of the cool crowd.

    What would the Anonymous leadership do if the author is found? Sue them for pilfering Anonymous' Intellectual Property, do a D.o.S, or leave a horses head in their bed?
    Dave Keays
  • Please these so called hackers need to be arrested

    Everytime I read about these hacker want to be's it simply amazes me about how stupid people are to support these children. One of their ring leaders was on welfare. If they go up against people who dont play by the rules that govern the real world like the Cartels then these children run away quietly and stop messing with them. The FBI, Interpol and other legal bodies need to stop these children and take away their mothers boyfriends computer.

    Secondly if your stupid enough to down load a program or OS from this group you actually deserve to have your ID Stolen and money taken from ya. Its one thing to be a real hacker, yet these children only down load other programs and sometimes get lucky and find a unpatched MS Server.

    There not so tough, they can't even come up with their own ID, they have to steal one from a movie. I just hope one day their mothers will take away their computers.............
  • I'll bet it was engineered in Mint

    Their distro generator is ridiculously easy to use, and has Ubuntu, Debian and other templates to build from. Its as bad an idea as it is good for Linux -

    You give an intelligent man tools, he builds things to make stupid people clever.
    Give a clever man tools, he uses them to take money from stupid people.
    Give a stupid man tools, he uses them to hurt himself and everyone near him.

    I pity the planet myself.

    To catch a mouse, use a mouse trap.
    To catch a noob, use a noob trap ;)