Can you really trust your security vendor?

Can you really trust your security vendor?

Summary: When the security software installed on your system exposes you to code execution attacks, can you really trust them?

TOPICS: Security

A screenshot taken this morning from the Secunia home page:

Can you trust your security vendor?

When the security software installed on your system exposes you to code execution attacks, can you really trust them?

Topic: Security

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  • No.

    Security software is a necessary (sometimes unnecessary, IMO) evil. It should be scrutinized just like any other software.

    Dumb vulnerabilities like [url=]this one[/url] is a perfect example of the low quality security vendors put out.

    Osama presses a button and the Internet crashes.
  • 'Trust' is such a STRONG word

    But at some point, given the realities of the internet, you've got to make some sort of commitment.
  • Been saying it forever. AV is a bigger liability.
    Running antivirus on a personal computer is like having the bomb squad inspect a suspicious package inside the house right next to you.
  • proficient users vs ID10T5

    Proficient, security conscious users are rare; stupid users are common. Security software is a PIA, but if you are managing 80k desktops, do you really have any other choice?

    IMO, the good outweighs the bad.
    • Is someone a ID10T5 because they don't understand security?

      I have seen this too often in the IT field. Just because someone doesn't understand or care to understand the interworkings of a digital computer, they are called stupid or idots.
      griz326 even admits security software is a PIA. If Techies have a problem with computer security how does the person who just wants to get some work done manage?
      Lets face it, the whole computer related field (hardware, software, networking, etc) is VERY complicated. If someone thinks they have it mastered, it is not too difficult to find an area that they are a rank beginner.
      • Good point

        leobrown --

        You are spot on, brother! A point that is often [u]widely[/u] missed by us'ns in the IT biz -- and glaringly overlooked by the folks who write the OSes and apps -- is that people use computers to do their [u]work[/u]. Security is often an impediment to work flow and can sometimes become the "show stopper" when it gets balky and refuses to let you do something perfectly legitimate. This is primarily why I switched to a Mac to do my development (since I can now keep my legacy Windows stuff running under Parallells :-) No more confounded messages popping up and stealing the focus while I'm trying to do something that needs to get done [i]now[/i]!

        I think it'll be a while before the security concerns can be taken care of completely transparently. The malefactors are still too endlessly clever and can slip in under your guard in a heartbeat. Until there's some kind of guardian at the gate that can make truly intelligent decisions about what's safe to admit in and what's not, every use will be constrained to expend part of their energy keeping up with the ever-changing threats we all face.

        -- Mark
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