Critical MS Excel flaw dings Mac users

Critical MS Excel flaw dings Mac users

Summary: Microsoft has re-released the critical MS07-036 bulletin to add protection for customers running the Office 2004 for Mac software.


Critical Excel flaw dings Mac usersMicrosoft has re-released the critical MS07-036 bulletin to add protection for Mac OS X users.

When the bulletin was originally released in this month's Patch Tuesday batch, there was no mention of Mac users being at risk but the bulletin was reissued late Thursday night with a note that all three vulnerabilities affect the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac software.

Critical MS Excel flaw dings Mac users

The Office 2004 for Mac portion of the bulletin is rated "important" across the board for all three flaws. A successful attack could lead to remote code execution on the affected system.

The reissued bulletin also includes updated File Manifest information for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007.

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Topics: Microsoft, Apple, Hardware

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  • Paybacks a B1tch

    MS's answer to the QuickTime and Safari flaws :P
    • Sure it is .

      You must understand also that Microsoft's code is the most flawed on the planet . The Safari problem , still with that , the Safari problem is no different than the Firefox problem , it all comes down to Microsoft's buggy Internet Explorer that has been causing this problem , a problem that Microsoft knew about since 2004 but refused to fix it . Now it's every 3rd party vendors software . Funny but Safari and Firefox don't cause any problems for Mac OS X or Linux , just Microsoft . You speak of QuickTime like it's the biggest problem , if you did away with Microsoft's Windows & Internet Explorer 95% of the malware/viruses/adware/trojans/etc,,, affecting the planet would cease to exist . <--- Now that's a fact jack !
      I'm Ye, the MS SHILL .
      • Broken record...

        ... Microsoft sucks blah blah blah blah Apple rules blah blah blah blah IE is a petri dish blah blah blah blah Safari suffers because of Microsoft blah blah blah blah Quicktime was infected by Microsoft blah blah blah blah...

        Give it up. Shifting focus to another platform when yours has been proved just as (if not more) insecure is a game for children. Grow TF up.
        Confused by religion
        • Blah blah

          1,000,000+ member botnets, blah blah, slammer, blah blah, etc blah blah, where did all the promised Vista features/working drivers go, blah blah...
          • Answers

            1,000,000+ member botnets = lazy incapable users. Equals about .03% of Windows computers.

            slammer = patched years ago. Nice try though.

            where did all the promised Vista features/working drivers go = Ask Apple why they are dropping features left and right. Same reason as Microsoft. As for the drivers, ask the manufacturers of those drivers where the Windows Vista versions are.
            Confused by religion
          • Drive on

            Yes, ask the manufacturers about the impact of having to get Microsoft approval for every Vista driver. Ask the hoobyists about how Microsoft approved drivers spells the end of any driver MIcrosoft don't want to approve.
          • You get an F

            Most initial infections for botnets have and are drive by hacks, that do not require the user/corporation to do anything other than connect a new, or not patched computer to the net. Oh, and there are very good reasons why one does not apply all the patches, and for that matter home users that try and do the patches often get hit before the patch is downloaded and applied.

            Slammer still exists. Have you ever wondered why? FYI

            You raised Microsoft issues. As far as the manufacturers are concerned, why blame them, they didn't invent Vista. They weren't the ones two years out who restarted Vista development. Oh, and do you know the difference between Vista ready and Vista capable? Enough people have enough problems even installing it. Oh, and have you forgotten Dell offers a rollback to XP. I guess Microsoft is either ticked off majorly at that, or are party to it. If they're party to it, the question has to be why! If they're not, then they had better wonder why perhaps their largest OEM has such little confidence in Vista.
          • And to add...

            It would seem that there is something weird going on with Vista regarding uninstall. Oh, wait, this occurred somewhat in XP. I guess things just keep getting better and the old problems keep on keeping on.
  • Tit for tat?

    Apple releases buggy iTunes for Windows, so MS retaliates with buggy Office for Mac? Hmm, maybe Apple and MS are collaborating closer than we think! :-)
    Fred Fredrickson
  • My 2 cents....

    I use macs and pc's in my professional audio studio. I
    use Protools digital-audio-workstation systems on both
    platforms. Protools is hardware and software .. the
    industry standard.

    When it comes to professional high-end gear, it is
    imperative to install the right drivers and version-
    specific OS and patch-updates which first must be
    approved by vendors/developers of such high-end
    gear, because it is they who to do the tests and
    debugging for their customers, in order to have their
    customers' computers & gear work smoothly with less

    I do not update my OS, nor install any type of patches,
    unless it is first approved by Protools (Digidesign) after
    they've finished their rigorous tests and later inform all
    customers with recommended specs, specific versions of
    drivers, which version of OS updates/patches, etc. .
    Otherwise, if I go ahead and install the latest updates,
    they may cause instability issues and problems with

    A lot of times, the high-end vendors themselves tell us
    to refrain from auto updating/patch-fixing our
    computers (---usually OS updates, OS patches/fixes,
    and media players---) until they themselves will release
    an updated version of their applications and drivers, for
    compatibility and stability reasons.

    When it comes to my other normal-use Macs (office,
    internet, emails, etc.), it is also known that MS Mac
    software, particularly Office 2004, causes all sorts of
    problems. For instance, MS Office installs its own
    version of Arial and Times Roman fonts which are not
    compatible in other applications, such as Safari, Firefox,
    and other apps that use Unicode fonts of other
    languages. There are lists of problems which Office Mac
    causes all sorts of corruption in other Mac applications.
    Even MS MediaPlayer for Mac caused playback instability
    in Quicktime and elsewhere. MS later decided to stop
    developing its MediaPlayer for mac and instead allowed
    third-parties to develop Mac-version of its player &
    codecs, such as Flip4Mac.

    I don't believe MS is deliberately being evil. But I do
    believe that MS (after becoming the largest company)
    has is losing grip in quality-control over its entire
    products which it develops. It's developing too many
    kinds of applications, spreading thin it's development
    resources all over the map, and perhaps not been able
    to come up with good solid work-flow logistics for all its
    project-management teams (in all divisions).

    Let's face it, MS Windows is seriously flawed, archaic and
    a fat beast with spaghetti codes and glut, causing all
    sorts of problems. Windows is not fun to use anymore.
    Users end up fighting the OS after a certain time, rather
    than EJOY using it. Too much time is wasted by fixing
    and updating Windows with so many patches that take
    up a lot of space in the system hard-drive .... huge
    amount of GIGS!! Might as well dedicate 500GB C-drive
    just for the operating system. If the system is left on for
    long periods, then I feel the system is slowing down or
    not running to its full potential. When the time comes
    to defrag the system drive, it takes hours and hours to
    completely defrag the drive which is overloaded by OS
    itself. To me that doesn't seem right and a waste of

    What MS should do, in my opinion, is to follow what
    Apple did .... by developing a completely new Windows
    OS from scratch ... just as Apple did with OSX. Then MS
    should release their new, clean-coded Windows in
    parallel to their existing spaghetti-coded windows ....
    and also provide a transitional-window for all Windows
    users/customers to upgrade over time without rush to
    force users into sudden-upgrades and expense ........
    just like Apple's OS9 and OSX.

    If you look at the way Apple did it ..... their OSX required
    completely newly developed applications for run in it.
    Both OS9 and OSX were able to run on the same
    machine .... OS9 applications were able to run under
    "classic mode" inside OSX without a problem ... or the
    users dual-boot options during start-ups to run natively
    OS9 or OSX separately. MS can do the very same here
    with its existing windows and new windows.

    Software developers for Mac provided both OS9 and OSX
    versions in their upgrades. Then after 2+ or 3+ years,
    all Mac users transitioned their OS and applications to
    OSX with ease and less pressure. MS can do the same
    here ... allowing all windows developers to provide
    upgrades of their applications (two versions ... older
    windows and new windows) to users, in order to
    maintain compatibility between existing/older apps and
    new apps on the same machine which with both old and
    new windows OS.

    When Apple and Mac software developers fully
    transitioned to OSX (no more OS9 developments and
    updates whatsoever), after a short graceful time, Apple
    decided that it was time to update their Mac computers
    by switching to Intel CPU. It was clever for Apple to
    have been secretly developing its OSX right from the
    start for both PPC and Intel. Apple made it easier for
    OSX software developers not to have to reprogram/
    recode their existing PPC apps from scratch for Intel
    Macs ... but by making only few code adjustments.
    Within a year, now almost all Mac apps are Universal ...
    they can run on PPC and Intel macs. This was great for
    me .... especially that I have expensive Protools system
    with all sorts of expensive plugins.

    Apple made it easier for me to gradually upgrade,
    especially when I need to buy another Mac computer to
    add to the studio. By the time Mac developers,
    especially protools, catch up with Apple's latest OSX and
    Intel releases, I was able to run my most of my legacy
    apps on the new Intel machines, rather than suddenly
    ditching my PPC apps.

    My point is ...... Apple was very smooth in its timing and
    its ways to get mac users to move away from their older
    OS and transition to a completely new OS and hardware
    platform, with enough grace-period window allowing
    both old and new to run at the same time. This was
    Apple's best decision in moving away from OS9 and
    providing new, better and more advanced operating
    system which is SOLID, developed/coded completely
    from scratch, rather than carry on with an old, out-
    dated OS9. OSX defrags its own system files at all
    times, never slows down over time, and the OS does not
    clutter and bloat the system drive. I do prefer OSX over
    Windows, because it never fights me, and I never end up
    fighting it. I ENJOY my experience when using OSX.

    MS should start from scratch on a new OS all-together
    and over time ditch their current, out-dated Windows OS
    .... based on old spaghetti codes, patches, fixes. This is
    the reason why their products have so many problems.
    Even MS itself doesn't its own codes anymore, because
    they've added so much. So why not start fresh?

    This would be a huge challenge for MS since the whole
    world runs windows. So perhaps their transitional
    window of time should be longer ..... and planned
    carefully .... giving all PC/Windows users to upgrade
    gracefully over ... let's say ...... 5 to 7 years. Ten years?

    Just my humble opinion. I am not an expert. Perhaps I
    could be wrong.

    Cheers :)
    • PPC and move to a new Windows

      Most developers will keep on plugging PPC apps for several years, even after Apple
      says "ok, PPC go byebye now", simply because the programming tools for Mac OS X
      are just now getting to the point of being mastered. That, and universal support
      within Mac OS isn't very hard to maintain since the same code can be compiled for
      both PPC and Intel processors just by clicking on stuff.

      As for Windows, Microsoft needs to start exploring the CE code base, to see if they
      can possibly make a full desktop OS out of it. Windows CE is a proven product, as
      shown through many generations of PocketPC and smartphone operating systems. I
      wouldn't make the applications universal between ARM/X-scale and X86, but with
      it's cleaner code base that lacks so many of NT's flaws (and yes Virginia, Vista is
      still an NT), it's a possible avenue for Microsoft to finally and truly upgrade to a
      new version of Windows.

      As for MS Office on Mac, it's not that great. I use Word, but OpenOffice runs much
    • Agreed

      I couldn't have said it any better..