ESET releases $10 app: Mobile Security for Android

ESET releases $10 app: Mobile Security for Android

Summary: Security firm ESET today released a $10 Android app. ESET Mobile Security for Android works on both smartphones and tablets and features a slew of security features. Too bad it's so expensive.


ESET today released ESET Mobile Security for Android. The app will set you back $10, although there is a 30-day trial. You can download it for both smartphones and tablets directly from the Google Play store.

So, what do you get for $10? The security firm lists the following ESET Mobile Security for Android features:

  • Unique behavior-based detection—warns of any suspicious activity on your device. All apps, files, folders, and SD memory cards are continually scanned for Trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, spam, and other attacks.
  • Anti-Theft Security System—multiple layers of security allows you to maintain perfect control over phone-stored data if the device is lost or stolen. This includes:
    • GPS Location—locates lost or stolen device by a remote command. Also helps parents determine an exact location of their child when the phone is in his/her possession.
    • Remote Lock—blocks the device remotely to prevent unauthorized access to the smartphone's data.
    • Remote Wipe—command which deletes all phone-stored data remotely using a simple SMS command.
    • SIM Matching—creates a list of trusted SIM cards for smartphone or tablet. In case of an unauthorized SIM card insertion, the user is automatically notified by a text message sent to an alternate phone number (GSM-based phones).
    • Uninstall Protection—secures the smartphone against unauthorized uninstallation of ESET Mobile Security.

  • SMS/MMS Antispam—allows the user to define trustworthy contacts via customizable black or whitelist or to simply block messages from unknown numbers.
  • Trusted friend—a contact or a telephone number that can receive an Alert SMS if an unknown SIM card is inserted into the phone; trusted friend is also able to reset the user's forgotten password if needed.
  • Call Blocking—blocks unwanted calls in both directions – incoming and outgoing. This powerful tool enables parents to protect their child from unwanted calls and text messages. Parents can define a trusted list of contacts for their child while blocking unknown numbers and toll calls for complete security.
  • Security Audit with Built-in Task Manager—provides information about all vital phone functions, including battery life, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth, and device visibility.
  • Fresh, New User Interface—tailor-made graphics and layout for enhanced Android experience and integrated with Google Play market.

"There is definitely a significant growth in the number of Android threats that we are detecting at ESET malware research centers around the world," Robert Lipovsky, ESET Security Intelligence Team Leader, said in a statement. "The new ESET product not only protects you against malware with its unique behavior-based detection, but offers protection for your data in case of device theft or loss."

Frankly, I'll be very surprised if this app proves popular. Android users simply aren't willing to pay $10 for a security app, in my opinion.

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  • Cha-Ching, money-making waste of time.

    DTS Your Linux Advocate
    • Really?

      Despite all the malware threats - and loads of found malware - to Android you call this a "money-making waste of time"? Does Android also have LSM? Will you ever answer my questions about LSM Dietrich?

      I'm not going to vote you down or flag your post - I want you to answer my questions. You stake your reputation on LSM and have not answered my questions about them. Were they a product of the research into the the issues with, The Sony Network, and/or The Linux Foundation? Would having LSM on those servers prevented the issues? Did those servers already have LSM? And now adding more questions: does Android have LSM? Could Android benefit from LSM?

      Come on Dietrich, they are such easy questions to answer and being the Linux Advocate and a seeming expert on LSM you should be able to answer these pretty easily...
  • Won't pay $10 for protection?

    So, they're really stupid or they could careless if their bank accounts, brokerage accounts, etc. get cleaned out. Not to mention other nastiness that could be fall them or their children.
    • ESET Mobile Security $10 App for Android and Smart Phone.

      WHAT!!! I don know. bouts. any body else but from my understanding ESET Mobile Security, Just posted this $10 App till just today? After the Android. facebook App v Name-un-Non To me at this time.!?!
      LIKE FOR REAL!!! Not hateing or Anything But $10 an App. Times how ever many people buy one, When you can get them for free.
  • Android is the #1 targeted platform for malware

    Good to see that third parties are addressing the threat of Android malware.
    Your Non Advocate