Google flagging 9,500 malicious sites every day

Google flagging 9,500 malicious sites every day

Summary: Five years after launching the Safe Browsing initiative, Google shares some data on malicious activity on the web.


As part of its Safe Browsing initiative, web search giant Google flags about 9,500 new malicious web sites every day.

According to data from Google's Niels Provos, these sites are either innocent web sites that have been hacked and used to launch malware/phishing attacks or sites built by cyber-criminals to manage drive-by download attacks.

In a blog post that marks the five-year anniversary of Safe Browsing, Provos provided some highlights:

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  • We protect 600 million users through built-in protection for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, where we show several million warnings every day to Internet users. You may have seen our telltale red warnings pop up — when you do, please don’t go to sites we've flagged for malware or phishing. Our free and public Safe Browsing API allows other organizations to keep their users safe by using the data we’ve compiled.
  • We find about 9,500 new malicious websites every day. These are either innocent websites that have been compromised by malware authors, or others that are built specifically for malware distribution or phishing. While we flag many sites daily, we strive for high quality and have had only a handful of false positives.
  • Approximately 12-14 million Google Search queries per day show our warning to caution users from going to sites that are currently compromised. Once a site has been cleaned up, the warning is lifted.
  • We provide malware warnings for about 300 thousand downloads per day through our download protection service for Chrome.
  • We send thousands of notifications daily to webmasters. Signing up with Webmaster Tools helps us communicate directly with webmasters when we find something on their site, and our ongoing partnership with helps webmasters who can't sign up or need additional help.
  • We also send thousands of notifications daily to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) & CERTs to help them keep their networks clean. Network administrators can sign up to receive frequent alerts.

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  • Google protecting users.

    Always impressive.
    • Absolutely

      Chrome warned me that our web site had been hacked. Turns out a bug in Plesk allowed someone to steal plain text login and passwords of every InfoQuest hosting account. Then they started hacking accounts for months afterwards. Even the patch to Plesk mattered not as they had the passwords. To date, InfoQuest freely admitted that they still haven't notified their customers that every account has been compromised.
  • Why???

    Why do we allow these scumbag wanking malware pricks to live??? The people behind this need to be found and punished severely... Until the punishment becomes severe enough to deter the crime, it will continue to happen... Let's get all the wolrd leaders together and get them to agree to a special task force to find and capture these pricks, and then sell them as sex slaves to gangs of gay bikers (to continue funding for the group)... Problem solved...
    • Don't stop there....!

      While you're at it, let's also go after junk faxers, telemarketers who thumb their noses at Federal and State "do not call list" laws, spammers who send spam text messages, robocalls to cell phones, "419" scammers, bogus check "cash and forward" criminals, and similar types who continue to openly defraud people and violate consumer protection laws, knowing that they will never be brought to justice.
  • Google flagging 9,500 malicious sites every day

    Good for Google,
    As the owner and founder of Toptentogo's Social Network, google has played a major part of protection there in.
    Google also knows I went after a hacker within Twitter, and even though they warned me not to enter this web site, I did so with my system named Adam and I tracked these hackers through java scripts.
    Google has been with us all the way and their protection is welcomed.
    sin., Henry Massingale
    Henry Massingale
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  • most ...

    ... of the time they seem to be false positives in my experience.
    Scarface Claw
  • interesting...

    seems like Google propoganda to me. In my org we see more 'poisened' search results from Google than any other search engine. I'm not convinced that Google is doing anything meaningful for anybody but themselves. But I certainly could be wrong.
  • I think beating them to death with a keyboard would work.

    I don't know much about that stuff but can't they track some of them down and bring them to justice? Like a firing squad on national TV so the others would get the message. I like i8thecat4's idea the best. Hahaha, Wouldn't that be a fitting end for them jerks.
    Rick Sos