iPhone 2.0 firmware hacked

iPhone 2.0 firmware hacked

Summary: Reports are in from Gizmodo that the iPhone 2.0 firmware has been hacked.


Apple LogoReports are in from Gizmodo that the iPhone 2.0 firmware has been hacked.  As their article states:

The beta 2.0 firmware that comes with the iPhone SDK has been modified to unlock the iPhone and run any application.  Part of the Pwnage Project, the hacked firmware will allow you to do anything you want, including the installation of both official and unofficial apps, and even patches.


They told us that this is all part of their previous Pwnage project, which instead of trying to hack into the iPhone, directly patches the firmware itself to both unlock it, so you can use the iPhone with any carrier you want, and allow you to install any applications you want.

According to the Dev Team responsible for this, the custom 2.0 firmware will run  unsigned applications without a single problem and that the firmware works with any service provider.  Addtionally, the Dev Team claims that this is a true unlock and that Apple will have a very difficult time closing this hole.  The Dev Team points out that this is not a simple jailbreak, but is in fact a hacked version of the firmware, allowing both signed and unsigned applications to run fine.


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  • Of course it has been...

    Did anyone expect anything different?
    • RE: Of course it has been...

      Well, I can honestly say I didn't expect it this quickly!

  • What? Open to Anything? Do Anything? Get Out!

    Nokia: [url=http://nseries.com/open]Open to Anything[/url]

    Get an N95 and experience the way things should be--no hacking or jail breaking required.
    D T Schmitz
  • Of course, Apple security is vaporware

    Of course, Apple security is vaporware.
  • Apple has a terrible security record

    Apple is better off stealing other people's code because every line of code written by an Apple employee seems to be cracked within minutes. QuickTime, Safari, iTunes, iPhone, Finder, wireless drivers, etc. all have abysmal security records. Instead of just stealing the BSD kernel, Apple might have been better off stealing the whole OS and just making money off the hardware. As it stands, I can't trust that my data can be protected by Cupertino code. Actually, I can't trust that my loved ones will be safe in a [url=http://blogs.zdnet.com/Apple/?p=1406] house with Apple products.[/url] Maybe Apple would be best off by leaving the software and the hardware to grown-ups and just stick to fluffy stuff like music downloads. :)
    • RE: Apple has a terrible security record...

      >>Actually, I can't trust that my loved ones will be safe in a house with Apple products.

      Thanks for the laugh this early in the morning!

    • Trying to be the next MikeCox are we?

      Thats about the amount of credibility anything you write has anyway. One can only hope that you are not being serious with all the fud you spew out.
      • My one wish in life

        is to find whomever coined the term "FUD" and beat him to a bloody pulp with a Louisville Slugger.
        Hallowed are the Ori
        • Thats your one wish?!

          Boy, if I had only one wish, I sure would not waste it on that :P

          But if you get it, be sure to have a video camera around, I am sure it would answer other peoples wishes of them wishing they could see said person beat to a bloody pulp.
      • RE: MikeCox

        Personally I don't know who MikeCox is, or why you are questioning my credibility on this issue. I didn't write the original story, simply making sure the readers here get to see what was covered over at Gizmodo.

        • My response wasnt to you

          Which is why it wasnt indented under your name. It was indented in relation to NonZealots post.

          MikeCox is a guy on these talkbacks that makes all his post in satire to be very anti apple/linux and very pro-microsoft. They are really quite funny to read.
          • Oh, and...

            I thought your article was fine. I have no issue with how you presented it. NonZealot just gets real old real fast when he post the same rhetoric in the talkbacks for every single apple or linux related article.
          • RE:

            Ok, sorry for the confusion.
      • He once admitted working for one of the 3 major OEMs

        I must admit he's passionate about his job....
        • RE:

          I guess I'll have to look into it, although I don't understand the comparison.

        • Who?

          Mike Cox, or the Zealot?

          Personally, I believe that Zealot is a paid troll, so maybe he
          does work (in a way) for an OEM.
      • Sadly, he is. [nt]

      • Would anyone need to read NonZealot's post

        To see that Apple's security measures for the iPhone are not really so hot after all?

        iPhone 1.0 -> Jailbroken by a high school kid
        iPhone 2.0 -> Completely pWned in minutes

        Why all the hostility towards NonZ when he's just repeating these facts, albeit with a slight touch of fanaticism?
    • OMG! Noo! I'm running back to my WinPhone!

      Yes, running... back to my crashing, non-ringing, blue-screen of deathing, nearly every app requiring payment, installers that malfunction 60% of the time Windows based cell phone with amazing half day battery life!

      I've never enjoyed a phone more than my iPhone. Never had as much ease of use of the wireless features and never, ever had as much satisfaction from a portable consumer electronic device. I've owned/hated -four- windows/ppc based phones. The last semi-enjoyable phone I had was the Ericsson 616.

      That said, it would be nice if Apple simply stopped trying to put up the meager roadblocks to the hacking community which as there simply to appease the big cellphone giants.

      OMG! You can install an app on your phone! It'll be a virus! It'll make it do something bad! .... Oh Noes!

      Let's just lock the phone so it cant do anything but phoneout. And, while we're at it, lock your Windows OS too, cause OMG! You might install a virus! Or make it do something bad! Oh, wait.. isn't vista heading that way? The potential that nothing will install on it if M$ doesn't approve (by getting a "QA" license) ?

      If Apple wanted it secure, it would be. And the innovation would suffer tremendously. Lets not get started on track records for security, either. I make good money fixing people's windohs machines from irresponsible installing of apps, viruses and just plain use. Yet, of all the Macs I've installed for SMBs and friends who've switched, I don't have to fix them anymore.

      But, hey, why am I bothering to respond to this.. You are just posting with a giant tongue-in-cheek right? No one could really believe garbage like that post.
  • Hilarious, isn't it? (nt)