Massive DDoS attack KOs CastleCops

Massive DDoS attack KOs CastleCops

Summary: The anti-phishing community at has been knocked out by a massive DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attack).

TOPICS: Security
The anti-phishing community at has been knocked out by a massive DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attack).

The volunteer-driven site, which is run by the husband and wife team of Paul and Robin Laudanski, had been coping with on-and-off attacks since February 13 but an intense wave that began around 3:45 PM EST today completely crippled the server DDoS

At 10:15 PM, despite industry-wide efforts at mitigation, was still displaying a "Site Temporarily Unavailable" message.

"They got whacked real hard today. It was so strong that it knocked their ISP over," said a source involved in the scramble to mitigate the attack.

Law enforcement authorities are involved in the ongoing investigations. just celebrated its fifth anniversary as a high-profile anti-malware community. In partnership with Sunbelt Software, runs the Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination (PIRT) Squad.

Topic: Security

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  • jonesy

    Was it spite, general in-your-face, proof of ability, or is somebody getting nervous, or a combination?

    While I'm curious, I don't think it matters; this security crap has been going on long enough - I'm ready to argue for bringing back vigilantes and legal lynching: trashing somebody's site is, in today's terms, not all that different from horse stealing.

    Find these [deleteds] and delete them.
    • RE: Massive DDoS attack KOs CastleCops

      hahaha omg this post, I love it <a href="">rolex watches</a>
  • Is nothing sacred? (nt)

  • Never heard of them

    Never heard of them. Spybot S&D, OTOH, works just fine :).
    • Say what?

      How does ANY of the apps you mentioned stop phishing? Do you have any idea what the term even means?
      • Oh, *phishing*? In that case, Thunderbird & Firefox work fine (nt)

        nt = no text
  • DDoS attack against CastleCops?

    Cuff them tight so that the bloodstream won't flow through their hand and give them tough penalty and tough sentence for the hackers... Tightened cuff plus tough sentence and penalty is what they get when they do DDoS attacks against CastleCops...

    This is crazy! :(
    Grayson Peddie
  • Excuse Me

    What the heck does Spybot S&D an anti-malware product have to do with anti-fishing web-site?
    • *Ahem* *Cough*

      I think someone's audio kicked in before the CPU was fully booted.

      - Back on topic: I hope they can track down a significant number of the zombies.
  • in all honesty...

    yes.. this is not a nice thing to do.. however.. the compromised pc's being used for the DDoS should be tracked down and the owners given a GOOD teaching in pc security... this is all made possible because of ignorant users..
    • this is all made possible because of ignorant users..

      ...and the very finest MicroSoft Windows Operating systems.
      • i think we heard you the first time

        i think we heard you the first time and i seen nothing constrictive in ether post first we know it's because ppl will not keep there os updated and they will not keep there anti virus and firewalls updated and we know ppl will open emails and and open that attachment

        but it's like this any os and i mean any os is at risk if other OS's were used as much as windows then they would be the ones targeted by the bad guys it's called getting the most bang for the buck..

        users need to becarfull when on line update software update your os stay away from porn sites do not download from non trusted sites just some common sense would stop 90% of this stuff
        SO.CAL Guy
  • It was predicted (well, almost)

    Top Ten Trends 2007 by Richard Stiennon.

    - DDoS against root DNS servers,
    - DDoS against financial services websites...
    - DDoS against antiphishing companies...[new]

    OK, updated the crystal ball.

    "Know your Enemy" is an useful phrase for both good and bad guys.
  • RE: Massive DDoS attack KOs CastleCops

    Castlecops is a fascist-like Christian zealot community of extremist religious types. Avoid at all costs and boycott.
  • RE: Massive DDoS attack KOs CastleCops

    Just what substantiation can you provide for your anti-Castlecops tirade of inflammatory generalities?

    Why boycott an organization that is inhibiting criminal activity on the internet?
  • RE: Massive DDoS attack KOs CastleCops

    What the hell are you blithering about? I don't know or care what the religious interests of the volunteers on this site are, but I have never seen religion mentioned on their site. You, sir, are a moron.
  • RE: Massive DDoS attack KOs CastleCops

    ewet dedim ama neyse
    dogru deme
    tamam dedim