Microsoft is 5th most spam-friendly ISP

Microsoft is 5th most spam-friendly ISP

Summary: Spammers are abusing Microsoft's online services at such an alarming rate that a non-profit spam fighting group now lists Microsoft as the world's 5th most spam-friendly ISP (Internet Service Provider).The latest update of Spamhaus.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Security

Microsoft is 5th most spam-friendly ISPSpammers are abusing Microsoft's online services at such an alarming rate that a non-profit spam fighting group now lists Microsoft as the world's 5th most spam-friendly ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The latest update of's list of the world's worst spam networks shows Microsoft at #5 because of 26 "current known spam issues" surrounding Nigerian (419) advance-free fraud e-mails (see screenshot below):

Microsoft 5th most spam-friendly ISP

The comments from Spamhaus highlight the problems at Microsoft:

  • Months of LifeFileStore abuse, we see little done to stop it.
  • - hacked by the tens of thousands.
  • used and abused by spammers.
  • Pump and Dump spam anonymized via Hotmail.

Security Fix's Brian Krebs first reported this story.

Topics: Microsoft, Security

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  • Shut them down! (nt)

  • Let's buy Yahoo?

    Bill should just code himself out of this one.
  • Well.....

    if they can't deliver a secure OS, how do you expect them to deliver a secure network?
    • I guess they use their own...

      • You are both correct! n/t

        ;\ :D ;\
  • Taking a VERY jaundiced view but... makes me wonder if any traffic is good traffic in terms of making impressive charts to prove to the world they are relevant. I guess similar to letting anyone pirate it (Windows) and looking the other way, is there an economic reason why MS would simply allow this to go?

    Seriously, who here thinks this is news to MS? So, why haven't the addressed it?

    • Too much of a hastle.

      And no one has complained loud enough yet.
  • Examples of spamhaus' credibility...

    They frequently block my personal email server as spam, even though it sends approximately 20 messages a day. I'm sure it's all my fault though, as everyone knows how notoriously virus prone and insecure postfix on solaris is *eyesroll*.

    Spamhaus is real thorough on their reporting and tracking.
    • "They frequently block my personal email server as spam"

      No, they don't. They publish a list of sites that individual ISPs can choose to use for blocking and filtering purposes. Spamhaus never has, and never will, block your email. They do not have that power.

      "...even though it sends approximately 20 messages a day."

      Either you're lying about what you send, or you're using a spam-friendly ISP.

      "Spamhaus is real thorough on their reporting and tracking."
      Yes, actually, they are. They provide a useful service, and they have 24/7 delisting available, and it doesn't cost you anything to use their site, so why the hell are you complaining about them?

      Instead of whining on random web forums, why don't you look to see WHY your address is being listed? It takes about 12 seconds to look up your address and see why it's listed.

      Odds are you are using a spam-friendly ISP, or you have a toxic address block. Talk to your ISP and tell them to fix their problems, or switch providers.

      Stop blaming the people who are covering their ears for the noise problem.
      • Or perhaps...

        ...his server has been compromised and he IS spamming without realizing it.

        It would be interesting to know what OS his mail server runs.
        • > It would be interesting to know what OS his mail server runs.<

          A slightly possible answer? ?:|

          Solaris is his [b]Linux[/b] based Operating System.

          Postfix is the e-mail program contained upon Solaris on his computer.

          Some shots in the dark for you:

          *His e-mail server is likely G-mail since he doesn't specify anything different and the title of the article says this mainly affects G-mail, with the 'rest of the story' as an afterthought.

          *[b]IF[/b] his e-mail is G-mail then what does his ISP have to do with it? Is ISP what you meant by "mail server"? Or are we back at Postfix?

          [i]Don't know anything about [b]Linux[/b] do you? Buwahahaha :D ]:) :D j/k[/i]
          • My apologies to you, 914four

            for the [i]snipe[/i] took at ya. Heck, I'm not even thinking straight... :8} :D :8} ... I just got through reading the article about the G-mail exploit and somehow my mind melded (melted!) these two articles together. :8}

            Anyway, a [b][u]LOT[/u][/b] of the people in my LUG (Linux User Group) use G-mail. Since the poster in question uses Linux they may likely use G-mail as their on-line e-mail server. That is possibly how my feeble mind's eye may have seen it and why I mentioned G-mail above.

            Please forgive me. :8} [b][u]It's been a LONG day[/u]!!![/b] :| :( :|
          • I'm not sure I followed all of that...

            ... but having been a Linux user since 1998 I do know that Linux and Solaris have little in common besides being sub-categories of UNIX. Solaris is based on System V and Linux was written to be a low cost x86 alternative to Qnix, Xynix, BSD and SCO UNIX.

            I'm not sure how you could run Gmail on your home server unless you are running a Google appliance, but I admit I'm pretty shallow in knowledge about those. The point is that the poster didn't say what server or email application he was using, just that he had a server in his home; I guess you could use Gmail to forward to a MS Small Business Server or something similar. I somehow doubt it's OpenSolaris, more likely Win2k3 with MS Exchange. My post was wondering aloud if that server was secure.

            Oh, btw, I am a Gmail user as well.
          • Ok, if you say so...

            But the e-mail "application" the poster stated they were using is Postfix. Read about it here:


            Thank you for clarifying the details of Linux and Solaris. ;)
  • Poor journalism...

    Spam "Friendly"???? What the hell are you guys trying
    to pull? The report states that the ISP is bad at
    spam, not spam friendly. Talk about jaded reporting!
    • "Spam friendly"... in "allowing spam". Perhaps is should have been "Spammer Friendly".
    • Maybe you don't understand what is spam-friendly...

      Maybe you don't understand what is spam-friendly...

      Spam-friendly is the provider that let this happens. If your users are spamming, you are a spam-friendly ISP. If Microsoft is letting people use their services to spam, they are spam-friendly.


    • Spam Friendly, Yes!

      I respectfully suggest you go back and reread the article again, including ALL of it this time.
      It's no secret MS has been lax, even completely uncaring about spam. They think hyping software will take care of it & thus no need for THEM to know anything about it; but they are as completely wrong as their first releses are buggy.
      No offense.
  • Typical - when have they EVER been a good corporate citizen?

    In the Yin and Yan of life, their only saviour is the
    philanthropic work now being done by the founder.
    • Don't let them fool ya!

      Gate's demi-trillionaire status is based on a nasty little monopoly-protecting trade treaty called "TRIPS" - the Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights rules of the World Trade Organization. TRIPS gives Gates a hammerlock on computer operating systems worldwide, legally granting him a monopoly that the Robber Barons of yore could only dream of. But TRIPS, the rule which helps Gates rule, also bars African governments from buying AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis medicine at cheap market prices.


      More here: