Microsoft Patch Day preview: 7 bulletins, 3 critical

Microsoft Patch Day preview: 7 bulletins, 3 critical

Summary: Microsoft issued seven security bulletins on Thursday with three deemed critical. The other four were rated "important.


Microsoft issued seven security bulletins on Thursday with three deemed critical. The other four were rated "important."

According to an advance notice issued by Microsoft on Thursday the patches for these bulletins will land Dec. 11 at roughly 1 p.m. EST.

Here are the details based on the bulletins:

The three critical bulletins all cover remote code execution flaws. The software affected includes Windows, Direct X, Direct Show, IE and Windows Media Format Runtime.

Of the four remaining important bulletins--all for Windows--two address a remote code execution flaw.  The other two cover elevation of privilege issues and local elevation of privilege.

According to the Microsoft Security Response Center blog the updates will require a restart.

The platforms affected are Windows 2000, Windows XP, Server 2003 and Vista.

Topics: Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Windows

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  • Let's play the wait and see game shall we?

    You know the one where we wait and see if these things actually patch what they are supposed to patch or just break more stuff. =-)
    • Alright Miss smartmouth ...

      ... why don't you tell US how many of the 60+ security bulletins microsoft has published this year had patches that broke other functionality?

      Now, how about you tell us how many Apple patches broke other functionality?

      Before you point out the mote in Microsoft's eye, I suggest you remove the beam in Apple's.
      Confused by religion
      • Be Careful Milly

        Your bias is showing. I'm just as critical of Apple as I am of MS. I just happen to like Apple. It seems like there are more things broken by the patches (as in the past) then there are fixed by them. You know the whole patch that fixed the patch that fixed the patch that was supposed to fix the patch that was supposed to fix the other patch.
        Specific patches? I suppose I could name them if I was willing to take the time and dig for it. (which I am not obviously - but at least *I* will admit that) Wouldn't be that hard at all I think. The thing is I don't see the computer world in black and white. I do not think Apple is better than MS, or that MS is better than Apple. I happen to think that Apple is better for me, just as MS may better for you or anyone else that deems to use it.
        I am going based on the way I interpret their track record. Just as you are going on the way you interpret it. No more, no less.
        I am also of the opinion that you may not have any sense of humor when it comes to MS. or did you not nitice the little smile at the end that would indicate a joke? Instead you jumped right in and accused me of sticking it to MS but refusing to see the flaws in Apple. (There are plenty of flaws on both sides to pass around)
        So lighten up.
        on and I am a smart mouth and proud of it=-)
      • RE: Alright Miss smartmouth ...

        Milly, it is time for you to get some coffee, (or whatever) and [b]chill out.[/b] In my 25+ years dealing with computer systems, one thing I have always had to deal with is the [b]"law of unintended consequences"!!![/b] Sometimes because on [b]my own stupidity!!!![/b] So, what in h--- is wrong with being realistic???? Not that long ago, I had my own problems to deal with in respect to MS SQL server. All due to a software vendors "fix".
  • Uhhmmm...

    Why bother with a count?

    It's known they release "silent" patches. Just say "It's that time of the month again."
    • Now you're in for it

      [i]Just say "It's that time of the month again."[/i]

      I think I'll just stand back and watch Milly hurt you.
      Yagotta B. Kidding
    • So what you are saying is

      (and please people see this for the joke that it is intended to be) that we give MS some Tampax or Kotex pads to catch it all? =-)
      • Gosh no!

        I was merely saying that 'It should be noted that this is the second Tuesday of the month' could be the entire article.

        Now, apparently, according those who are in the know about Microsoft assure us that the patch count is meaningless, unless it can be warped into a higher number for a competing product. At least that's what I've been reading here.

        Tsk...tsk...tsk...what's with you people? Sounds like some of you could use a "Humor Patch". :-)
        • No sense of humor?

          Well, it is that time of the month... ;)
      • RE: So what you are saying is

        <juvenile humor>
        Be careful, the really rabid ABM's might like to take that suggestion, and substitute a [b]handful of suppositories[/b] instead.
        </juvenile humor>
  • Thanks Ryan for the update

    As usual I'll apply them at 12 Central or thereabouts and not be subject to the faster reverse engineering attacks in my three computer home netowrk and the Network server and worstations I am responsible for at work.

    Keep up the good work.