Microsoft security update derails IE

Microsoft security update derails IE

Summary: Microsoft's Patch Tuesday fiesta last week apparently doesn't get along all that well with IE 6 and IE 7 on XP or Vista.Microsoft gave IE a security makeover last week, but there were complications.


Microsoft's Patch Tuesday fiesta last week apparently doesn't get along all that well with IE 6 and IE 7 on XP or Vista.

Microsoft gave IE a security makeover last week, but there were complications. According to Computerworld, Microsoft is investigating the issue, which surfaced on message board and help sites almost immediately, and may update its Knowledge Base article on the topic.

Bill Drake on the Vista Community board outlines the fun:

When I installed the Patch Tuesday updates on my WXP Box with MSIE6 installed. I had the same problems with IE6 startup as others are mentioning in these newsgroups.

Specifically, about 60% of the time, I would get an "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must close" dialog. I dutifully reported the failure to Microsoft and then repeatedly tried reopening IE6 until it would successfully open.

The above occurred when opening my default homepage, which is "My MSN" - and is heavily customized.

Cleaning my Internet Explorer Tempfolder and moving to a blank opening page solved the problem. However, this was not an acceptable solution.

I then rebooted the machine, restored my default homepage and tried opening IE6 again. Now, the machine is working correctly, even after multiple open/close cycles.

I suspect the KB942615 update should be coded to force a reboot and does not. Consequently, some part of the update that requires a reboot before the update is fully applied does not get done.

As a result, installing this update without the reboot causes IE6 to run in a "half-updated/half-not-updated" mode - which causes the problem described above to occur.

For those experiencing this problem, please try moving to a blank opening page - and then reboot your machine again after the KB942615 update is installed. Once this is done, restore your default homepage. See if this procedure resolves your problem.

Anyone else have this experience? Sounds painful.

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  • You should all switch to OS X

    It is better than Micro$ux's Pista. Did you know that Pista started as a non-networked, single-user, single process OS (called MS-DOS) with no concept of restricted rights? You can't add security afterwards, you have to have it right in the kernel. That's why OS X is better. OS X is based on BSD which is an OS that has never had a single vulnerability and no user of BSD has ever been hacked... ever!

    OS X is also better because it is good enough to power the best cell phone ever produced: the iPhone. Hey Micro$ux: where is the ZunePhone? You can't make it because Pista isn't good enough to run a cell phone. That's a fact!
    • pffffffffffft :)

      D T Schmitz
    • Shut up, fool.

      Hallowed are the Ori
    • So... Does this mean...'re now trying to be the Mac equivalent of Linux Geek?
    • Microsoft is the bestest software maker on the planet

      Thats a fact jack
    • Re:You should all switch to OS X

      You're a moron. Tons of BSD users have been hacked and it will continue to happen. As with any OS the main vulnerability is the USER. If the user chooses a dictionary word for a root password and a hacker wants in, he will get in. Simple as that. No OS is bulletproof, some users can come close though by using their brain if they have one, choosing good passwords and configuring their OS and software properly.

      For all the people who are reading this and thinking, 'Oh, I don't have time to configure my software or learn how to use my OS properly or I am not smart enough to read a manual', DON'T USE A COMPUTER THEN. You are just using up all our bandwidth with your trojans and viruses and congesting our forums with your stupid questions that have been answered in the manuals for your OS and software before you even bought or downloaded them.
  • RE: Microsoft security update derails IE

    pictures will not display now on ms homepage, what next?
  • Glad I haven't installed the update....

    I don't use IE so it would likely not affect me much. OTOH, I think I'll hold off on the install of any updates until we see what else comes down the pipe from all this. The story may not all be told yet.
    • Why?

      All you have to do is reboot.
      • Well... maybe

        So far that's what we [b]think[/b] we need to do but I prefer caution. If the update is causing one problem it may be causing others. I'll wait until it's investigated a bit more thoroughly. Since I don't use IE anyway, I'm in no rush.

        [i]All you have to do is reboot.[/i]
      • MS07-069

        According to this Microsoft KB article, you must do a little more than reboot...

        Internet Explorer 6 crashes after you install security update 942615 on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • So what?? Use another browser

    No better time than the present to try another browser, and maybe even find you like a different one better!
    • Yeah I'll tell that to my 3000+ users.

      I'm sure they'll be real happy. Thanks for the advice.
      • Re:Yeah I'll tell that to my 3000+ users.

        Actually yeah go do that. They will be real happy with a browser that doesn't crash, renders pages properly, and doesn't leave the front door unlocked on their machine. I recommend Firefox for people who want the smallest change in functionality from IE, as well as available support forums and other help, but if you want even more security you could tell them to update Opera.

        Here you are in a position to tell 3000+ people they have a major security vulnerability on their machine that they are probably using every day, and you're in here being sarcastic about people's honest suggestion that you do that? Why don't you get a real job, go learn a programming language or shovel some dirt.
      • well...

        If you are responsible for them not having technical problems, and you have a piece of software that's apparently causing problems, isn't it your job to do so?
  • Yes

    This happened on my media center PC. After repeatedly trying to open the browser, I finally rebooted and haven't had a problem since. I had no idea and didn't really care what cased it but I guess the update issue might have been it.
    • Same Here

      Had the problem but simply rebooting "fixed" it.
  • RE: Microsoft security update derails IE

    Ol' Bill Drake should install IE7 which is not affected. Why use IE6 when IE7 is the best and most secure browser for Windows XP?
    • Install IE7? No, thanks.

      "Why use IE6 when IE7 is the best and most secure browser for Windows XP?"

      If it's from Mcrosoft, it's not secure!

      Plus I do NOT like the IE7 interface. The old keystroke shortcuts should have been left alone and new shortcuts added (such as new tab).

      IE6 now randomly displays the "must close" message, sometimes on a page with very simple content (one picture, two links).

      I've always thought the company's name was incorrectly spelled: MicroStupid might be more appropriate for a company hat "fixes" things that aren't "broke".
      • Re:Install IE7? No, thanks.

        Why are you opening IE6? If you're not a Web designer there is absolutely no excuse for opening that application. There is a valid excuse for opening IE7, ONCE. It's that you were curious what the interface looked like and you wanted to test it. Other than that you should be using real browsers, ppl.