Mozilla delivers Firefox update

Mozilla delivers Firefox update

Summary: Mozilla one Wednesday patched one flaw in Firefox in an update (2.0.


Mozilla one Wednesday patched one flaw in Firefox in an update (

The fix--a crash in JavaScript garbage collector--was deemed critical by Mozilla. According to Mozilla, the problem was created by a previous fix. Here's the description:

Fixes for security problems in the JavaScript engine described in MFSA 2008-15 (CVE-2008-1237) introduced a stability problem, where some users experienced crashes during JavaScript garbage collection. This is being fixed primarily to address stability concerns. We have no demonstration that this particular crash is exploitable but are issuing this advisory because some crashes of this type have been shown to be exploitable in the past.

Topics: Open Source, Browser, Software Development

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  • Mozilla is a liar becuase remote code execution is possible

    Mozilla is a liar becuase remote code execution is possible and it's very easy
    • Convincing arguments!

      Your bold statement, followed up with the long list of evidence and backing references are simply too strong for anyone to counter. Your hypothesis is irrefutable. Well done!
  • Mozilla is a liar because remote code execution is possible

    Mozilla is a liar because remote code execution is possible and it's very easy
    • Even more so!

      With the rare exception of the "Helsinki/Cupertino Fanboi" defense, this double posting approach has now cemented your opinion as being beyond reproach. Congrats.
  • RE: Mozilla delivers Firefox update

    I just got the update in question, and I have to say that Mozilla's customer focus (regardless of the accuracy of one of their statements in a press release) has always been one of the most impressive things about this company.

    If Microsoft were as proactive as Mozilla in nipping structural weaknesses which could lead to security exploits in the bud, Vista would have hit the market much more usable and with many fewer problems.
  • RE: Mozilla delivers Firefox update

    Doesn't anybody on ZDNET write analytically about Firefox? We're seeing plenty of ZDNET alerts that Mozilla released update for Firefox on April 16, but no one seems to have noticed nor is anyone saying anything about the fact that update breaks most common Firefox extensions, including Tabmix Plus, IE Tab, Google Toolbar, ForecastFox, Better Gmail, Fullscreen, Print/PrintPreview, etc.

    Moreover, after updating to Firefox, the disabled extensions cannot be removed, reinstalled, or reactivated.

    Without the useful popular extensions, Firefox is awful - difficult to use and not much fun. Many of the features that previously made Firefox a better and more desirable browser have been lost, with the extensions, in Firefox Might as well use Safari or IE7.

    Why aren't you people at ZDNET writing about this?
    • What???

      I think there's something wrong with your system. I have FireFox and all of the extensions you mentioned and they ALL work properly. Sounds to me like you are a MSIE nut in disguise.
      • Have to agree with mickeyl ;

        the update to <b></b> didn't interfere with any of my many <b>Firefox</b> add-ons on my <b>Windows</b> (<b>XP</b> and <b>Vista</b>) setups. The difficulties experienced by emmaus... would seem to have been caused by something other than the update....

    • huh?

      ie tab and forcast fox working fine here with updated FF
      nipsey russell
  • RE: Mozilla delivers Firefox update

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