MS Patch Tuesday: 5 bulletins coming, none for Office zero-days

MS Patch Tuesday: 5 bulletins coming, none for Office zero-days

Summary: Microsoft plans to issue five bulletins next Tuesday, four affecting the Windows operating system. The highest maximum severity rating for the Windows bugs is "critical." Don't look for fixes for known (and under attack) Office bugs.

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Next week's scheduled Patch Tuesday will include security fixes for multiple critical Windows vulnerabilities.

In total, Microsoft plans to issue five bulletins, four affecting the Windows operating system.  The highest maximum severity rating for the Windows bugs is "critical."

The fifth bulletin will apply to the Microsoft Content Management Server.  This will also be rated critical.

However, the absence of fixes for a known -- and already attacked -- code execution hole in Microsoft Word is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Microsoft has known about that bug since February 14 and has issued an advisory with pre-patch workaround but, since there are no Office patch on tap, this will remain outstanding for at least another month.

FrSIRT's compilation of unpatched Microsoft vulnerabilities includes two code-execution vulnerabilities, one each in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint.

The PowerPoint bug was reported to Microsoft nine months ago (July, 2006).

Topics: Microsoft, Windows

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  • Patches

    Ole mans ramblings.......
    So Ryan will this patch the patches for the patches??
    Seriously though, thanks for the heads up..Guess most peaople took off today..No bashes yet
    Sleep well
  • ZD Net messed up!

    Last week's patch, the ANI one, screwed up a ton of drivers. ZD-Net pushed Microsoft for this fix, and it really "fixed" things. Thanks for nothing ZD-NET! You screwed up a LOT of computers by your griping at a problem that was not a problem at all!
    • ZD NET problem? Not MicroSoft?

      OK, let me see if I understand this. ZD Net pointed out that the .ani problem has been known to MicroSoft for a few months and that MS had not issued a patch. MS does issue a patch, a bad one, and somehow this is ZD Net's fault and not MS? Really?
      • Of course it is!

        But only to those who are charter members of the MicroSoft Fanboi Club...
        • I know of some !

          They believe we be still stuck with typewriters if not for the wonders of Microsoft. It's OK. Linux is coming fast on the desktop.
    • Microsoft messed up, again!

      By golly, it is not ZDnet's fault you installed an operating system maintained by bozos.
  • "Unpatched " Patches

    This is not the first occurrence of Microsoft leaving a hole unpatched for prolonged periods. Office or WIndows, perhaps there's a reason for thier intransigence. After all, if "hackers" can penetrate systems via these holes, and there is value to be gained, why rush? Now, ask yourself who hires the really good ones?