Now showing: Apple TV security flaw

Now showing: Apple TV security flaw

Summary: Apple issues an update to Apple TV to fix a remotely exploitable buffer overflow that could allow code execution attacks.

TOPICS: Security, Apple, Hardware

Apple TV has a remotely exploitable buffer overflow that could allow code execution attacks.

Apple TVThe vulnerability, reported by Juniper Networks researcher Mike Lynn, has been fixed with today's release of Apple TV 1.1, according to an advisory from Cupertino.

This is the same "critical" mDNSResponder vulnerability fixed in last month's mega-patch from Apple. Exploit code for this flaw, which also affects the Bonjour networking service, has been released by a private security research outfit.

[ SEE: Bonjour Apple, connect to this Mac OS X exploit ]

Apple's description of the flaw and potential attack scenario:

A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the UPnP IGD (Internet Gateway Device Standardized Device Control Protocol) code used to create Port Mappings on home NAT gateways in the Apple TV implementation. By sending a maliciously crafted packet, a remote attacker can trigger the overflow which may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.

According to the advisory, the Apple TV device will automatically check for, download, verify and apply the update.

This process may take up to a week depending on the day that the Apple TV device checks for updates. Alternatively, you may manually update your Apple TV using the TV interface by selecting Settings > Update Software.

Topics: Security, Apple, Hardware

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  • Here's a FAR MORE IMPORTANT security flaw;_ylt=AqyWv6oSU_2dMBjhZxH8lBas0NUE
    • Three guesses

      as to what operating system DHS has standardized on.
  • Anything with a hard drive can be hacked .

    I'm still waiting for the day for all hard drives to be abolished .
    It would be nice already to have an alternative .
  • Er, It's fixed...

    Nothing to see here, move on.
    • Most will Update Anyway

      Forgot to add... Most Apple TV users will update today anyway to get the YouTube
      integration you forgot to mention in your FUD filled bile.
      • What bothers you most?

        the Fear that Apple software is being exploited?
        the Uncertainty that the exploits are compounding?
        the Doubt that Apple can stem the tide?

        "A buffer overflow vulnerability exists", welcome to the world outside the RDF.
        • Me Bothered?

          "A buffer overflow vulnerability EXISTED and has been fixed",
          • yup, you.

            So, you believe that was the one and only buffer overflow?
          • and you...

            believe that people are actually going to bother hacking this box?
          • This is worth following...

    • Why was it there to begin with?

      We all know - no OS is completely secure. But Apple should expect some flak when they make broad claims about security and having no problems.

      The "er it's fixed" excuse never seems to satisfy the anti-MS crowd.
      • People Make Mistakes

        Specifically it was a bug in Apple's implementation of IPV6 and Bonjour.

        People make mistakes. BUT the problem WAS fixed.

        Give me some examples of this actually being an issue in the wild and it had taken
        machines and or networks down and you will have something.

        Until then it's just FUD presented as news.
        • missing the point.

          There's no chance of an issue in the wild, since apple isn't truly in the wild.

          They are like the Ranch Hunting version of the "wild".

          It's news, you need to look up what FUD is apparently.
      • That's because Microsoft's fixes don't come out the following day .

        Microsoft waits weeks even months before they fix a problem .
  • HAHAHA!!!

    I didn't think the Apple TV could get any worse but Apple has really out done itself this time. If Apple TV were only useless, that would be okay, but it turns out that this thing is actually [b]dangerous[/b]!!

    Makes me glad I stay far, far, far away from all Apple products. Safari lasted all of 1 hour on my machine before I uninstalled it. Good thing too considering that exploits were out for it only an hour later.

    I'm sure the iPhone won't suffer any security problems though. It is an Apple product and Apple products have no security flaws. Well, except for AppleTV. Doesn't matter, iPhone is based on Safari and Safari has no security vulnerabilities. Well, except for all the ones that it has but if we ignore those, then Safari is perfect!!
    • Stick with...

      Whatever highly secure OS you are using. Actually dangerous...OH MY!!!!
    • Get real

      How many people are going to die in the explosion caused by that buffer overflow?

      This is a TV entertainment box, not a missile or a nuclear power plant.

      And at least Apple is fixing these issues when they are discovered, unlike some companies whose products are even more commonly used...

      A particular company from Redmond comes to mind...
    • This isn't as bad as when all the X-box account holders were hacked

      As for Safari 3 , it was a beta , and the fix came out the following day . If only Microsoft were to expedite its fixes with the security vulnerabilities , viruses , malware , trojans and such . There would be no big issues with Microsoft . As for Apple , like I said , Apple doesn't sit on its britches when there is a problem .
      • Ah, the Apple crowd and their "security by denial":

        I wish I were that blind to believe all the crap that Apple and Jobs (perfect name for someone who regularly "jobs" his users) puts out. Where does it say this flaw ws found only the day before it was fixed?

        As for the X-Box 360, it was social engineering that got those accounts hacked, not a bug. If Mac had anything approaching the popularity and usability of X-Box Live, they would have the same problem.

        Oh, wait, Apple has iTunes - and that is totally secure, right?
        Confused by religion