Saying Farewell

Saying Farewell

Summary: It's been a great handful of months here at ZDNet, but I'm deciding to say goodbye to the blogging scene.  I'm already really busy with my primary job, and at this point I want to slow the work load down a good deal and just enjoy life.

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It's been a great handful of months here at ZDNet, but I'm deciding to say goodbye to the blogging scene.  I'm already really busy with my primary job, and at this point I want to slow the work load down a good deal and just enjoy life.  I'd like to thank Larry and Ryan for giving me a chance to talk about things interesting to me, and thank the readers for following and having great comments.  It's been a great experience.

I'll likely have one last story, which is a guest editorial from a couple fellow speakers from Black Hat this year.

Thanks again!


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  • RE: Farewell

    Well I just wanted to say that the Zero day blog wont be the same - you had a very no bs attitude when blogging about issues and that was awesome. Reading your blogs was a great source of security inforation for me. Good luck man and hopefully we will see you back here in the future.
    • Thanks!

      Thanks JT82!

  • Enjoyed reading

    Any summary thoughts about the present or future?
    Anton Philidor
  • Sad to see you go

    I always enjoyed reading your blogs. You had just the right mixture of technical content while still giving good, unbiased summaries that even I could understand. :)
    • Thanks

      You give yourself too little credit. Be nice to the fanboys.

  • Thoughts on the present and future

    The present is about to change, and the future looks fun.

  • Farewell and good luck


    I really enjoyed reading you and am sad to see you go. Your writing style was very straight-forward and to the point. Plus, I use some of the same expletives so I felt like I was reading something from one of my buddies!

    Good Luck!
    • Haha

      Yeah, I may have been a bit abrasive, but I said what was on my mind.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Re: a bit abrasive?

        Nah, most of us here at ZDNet like things straight up. No wishy washy here. ;-) Btw, you must of had too good of a time in Vegas. Just kidding!!

        You were one of the better bloggers here. Take care and best of luck in your endeavors.
        Arm A. Geddon
  • Goodbye

    Best of luck on your new adventures. And thank you so much for the great posts.

  • RE: Saying Farewell

    Yaaaarrrrr... See you at Rock Bottom :)
    Rafal.Los (RX8volution)
  • Nathan, Thank You...

    You've contributed a lot, over these months, and given this Zdnet area a keel.

    You have the intellect to do much, and life is broadening. I know focus will be important too, but hope you are aware of the wide world, and how much it can offer, how many ways there can be branching.

    Intelligence seeks to touch widely, and know the stories we persons make, and this is shaping to be a long and interesting time, not just in how we can interfere with each other.

    Best fortune, then, and widely in it,
    Narr Vi
    Narr vi
    • Thanks Narr Vi

      That almost reads like a proverb, but it does make sense. Appreciate your comments.

  • Dude! Say it ain't so....


    I, for one, am going to miss your column. You are one of the few (and really the only one on zdnet) who makes any effort to do actual reporting (looking up facts, linking to relevant articles, in short, making it appear as if you did your research) and are one of the few to answer your talkbacks.

    As a way of saying thanks, feel free to drop me a line at bobjones68_[at]_yahoo_[dot]_com and I'll treat you to a beer some Friday night.

    Best wishes for your future success,
  • RE: Saying Farewell

    Who the eff is Nate? Is this the same guy who turned down VIP bottle service at Jet?

    I am going to blog about it...

    HAR. Make Tiller get in here and write something...he has a lot to say.
    • Hmmm

      Tiller would be a pretty decent addition to the team... I liked his guest editorial. Not sure what Ryan and company have planned.

  • RE: Saying Farewell

    Hey Nate, I'm personally sad to see you leave. Best of luck with everything and stay in touch.

    Ryan Naraine
    • Thanks Ryan

      Yeah, I was sad about it a bit too, but it's the best choice for me. I want to spend a ton more time on personal life. My old man lives close enough to go visit from time to time for golf, but not if I'm writing stories every night :).

      Thanks for the opportunity and for all the guidance.

  • RE: Saying Farewell

    But you just got here!

    This is a shame. Yours was a refreshing take on an often hackneyed subject. You will be missed.

    Best of luck going forward.
    Real World
  • RE: Saying Farewell


    Dammit, you arrived here only a few months ago, taking over where Ryan left off. Just because [b]he[/b] returned doesn't mean that it's safe for [b]you[/b] to go gallivanting around...

    Seriously, you brought a breath of fresh air to ZDNet. I really appreciated your columns, along with your frequent and pithy comments in the Talkbacks.

    Good luck with your future venture(s), and please stop by occasionally.
    M.R. Kennedy