Secunia adds 'automated patching' to software inspector tool

Secunia adds 'automated patching' to software inspector tool

Summary: The free patching utility will automatically install software updates for Windows users.


SAN FRANCISCO -- Secunia has shipped a new version of its highly rated Personal Security Inspector (PSI) utility to offer automated patching for Windows users.

A beta version of the new Secunia PSI 3.0 was released at the RSA Security conference here with a new component called  Secunia Package System (SPS) that promised to remove the dependence on vendors to provide silent, automatic updates when security patches are released for software vulnerabilities.

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The tool works by examining files on a computer (primarily .exe, .dll, and .ocx files) and matching the data against a vulnerability database maintained by Secunia.  It automatically performs scans every seven days to ensure that the latest secure versions of the software is installed.

If an insecure program is detected, the new version of the Secunia PSI will not only alert the end user but it will download the required security updates and install them without any effort from the user, the company explained.

Secunia says it has about 4.8 million users of the software security inspector.

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  • One reason I look forward to Windows 8

    is that hopefully the system itself will find and silently install all these common patches through the marketplace.
    Michael Kelly
  • I'm glad to see this -- will download it.

    I use the PSI inspector on all my home pc's -- it catches lots of miscellaneous updates that don't quickly announce themselves (yes you Adobe, Apple, and others). One thing it insists on is doing all of the optional Microsoft updates, but I prefer this over missing important fixes.
  • Can you opt out?

    Will the new Secunia version allow opt-in or opt-out of the aurtomated updates? As with Microsoft Update, I prefer to screen the update offerings and choose which ones to install. I also prefer to install Firefox & Chrome updates directly in the browsers themselves, not through Secunia. Please tell me the new version will not make automatic updates mandatory or, if it does, that the old Secunia without this function will remain supported and operable.
  • Broken right out of the gate

    The key indicator, the tray icon, does not accurately reflect the true status of PSI and the system. On reboots it's always red for Win7 and often it requires numerous re-scans to get a green indicator. There's no other way, with this release, to determine what's really going on...truly an Alpha (maybe pre-alpha) release...