Skype leaking user IP addresses, TCP ports

Skype leaking user IP addresses, TCP ports

Summary: A web-based tool is available to help attackers pinpoint the last known IP address of a Skype user.


Microsoft-owned Skype is leaking sensitive user data, including internal and external IP addresses and TCP ports.

The issue has been publicly disclosed and I've confirmed that a web-based tool is available to help attackers pinpoint the last known IP address of a Skype user.

In addition to public IP addresses, an attacker with a Skype username can siphon addition information like city, country, Internet provider and the internal user ip-address.

A statement from Skype described the privacy leak as "an ongoing, industry-wide issue faced by all peer-to-peer software companies."

The company said it is committed to the safety and security of our customers and are taking measures to help protect Skype users.

Topics: Networking, Collaboration, Security, Social Enterprise

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  • So mabe this should be called Data-gate

    Or does that only apply to Apple products? We're talking about a potentially large security issue here. Or will [b] The Angry Minions of Microsoft[/b] be offended if someone points out a problem with a Microsoft product/service?
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    • Call it "Skype-gate", maybe

      The problem is, you have to differentiate between Microsoft the Purveyor of the Windows OS (in all its flavors), and Microsoft the Cross-Platform Software Provider (i.e. just like Oracle, Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc.). The 2 categories are apples & oranges, & drawing links between both sides isn't something you can really do.

      Now, probably the reason you were downgraded in the like/dislike was because of the anti-Microsoft bias that comes across in your post. As for the flagging... well, while 90% of our flagging is probably due to the spam that shows up here, you do realize one of the choices is "offensive", right? Perhaps someone felt that you took it just a tad too far.
      • You're dicounting reality...

        I've seen many posts that use facts get flagged, simply because the posts make Microsoft look bad. What these [b]Angry Minions of Microsoft[/b] fail to understand is that they should be mad at Microsoft, not the people pointing out Microsoft is wrong.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
  • Any suggestions besides reporting the problem

    Would using a proxy server be of any help in preventing this? Or is it just as naughty as torrenting where you require more than an ordinary proxy to hide your IP address? :|
  • Big F'ing Deal!

    If you're gonna be on the Internet then your IP address will always be somehow discoverable. Live with it. Who are these anal privacy freaks out there making such a big fuss about their IP addresses? Do those paranoid goof-balls really think black masked Ninjas are gonna kick down their doors in the middle of their Skype chat sessions? Get real.