Storm Worm says the U.S have invaded Iran

Storm Worm says the U.S have invaded Iran

Summary: Right after the U.S Independence Day fireworks, Storm Worm latest campaign launched a couple of hours ago, is back online this time attempting to once again exploit client-side vulnerabilities, this time serving iran_occupation.


Right after the U.S Independence Day fireworks, Storm Worm latest campaign launched a couple of hours ago, isStorm Worm says the U.S have invaded Iran back online this time attempting to once again exploit client-side vulnerabilities, this time serving iran_occupation.exe by spreading false rumors of U.S invasion in Iran.  The text reads :

"Just now US Army's Delta Force and U.S. Air Force have invaded Iran. Approximately 20000 soldiers crossed the border into Iran and broke down the Iran's Army resistance. The video made by US soldier was received today morning. Click on the video to see first minutes of the beginning of the World War III. God save us."

Despite that you're highly advised to stay away from spam and phishing emails in general unless you know what you're doing, the latest Storm Worm domains used in the "Iran invasion campaign" should get a priority for the time being :

statenewsworld . com morenewsonline . com dailydotnews . com dotdailynews . com newsworldnow . com

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Dancho Danchev

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  • A little more convincing....

    Maybe if the storm worm article didn't sound as such a blatantly obvious fabrication some idiot who didn't know how far a was from z on a keyboard would have fallen for it. With all the things the storm worm can do maybe the developers could pay just a little more attention to this stuff and they could infect a lot more ppl. Of course I'm not rooting for them. Yea, the storm worm sounds like a lotta fun but no thank you.
    • Re: A little more convincing....

      That's the most interesting part, since most of them sound like hoaxes in general. And despite that the last couple of campaigns stopped using client-side vulnerabilities attempting to automatically execute the binary without user interaction, they have resumed using them, so someone may not even have the chance to read the message.

      Consider the following, if their rather simplistic social engineering practices and use of outdated vulnerabilities can achieve such results, isn't it in fact more disturbing that they don't need to put personal efforts into these messages and still achieve a high success rate?
    • Oh, there are LOTS of Stupid Ammurikans, Core2uu

      Otherwise, how it Lord of the Stupids George W. Bush get to be a two-term President? Or MicroShaft to be a 90% percent monopoly?
  • RE: Storm Worm says the U.S have invaded Iran

    Well - just reading it, I would definitely think it was a hoax - but would everyone else? Remember when Orson Welles read War of the Worlds on radio??
    • That many?

      Didn't realize that the US managed to gather and train 20,000 Delta Force soldiers......

      Simply amazing!!!!
      • Yeah - And to Think the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Said Last Week

        that the US military was stretched to the breaking point between Iraq and Afghanistan! Guess we know why now, eh? ;)
      • Panic

        did he say Delta F[B]a[/B]rce soldiers? ;) ]:)
        Linux User 147560
    • Welles Didn't Read WAR OF THE WORLDS, actually

      He did an adaptation that was a very convincing (for the time) bit of metafiction - pretending that a regular music program was being interrupted w/with news bulletins that reported the vanguard of an alien invasion.
  • RE: Storm Worm says the U.S have invaded Iran

    With Bush,all is possible...I.Q:0000000000
    • Storm Worm says

      Let's just wait for Obama then it will be a definate!
  • bad social engineering

    This kind of stuff only works on morons. I propose that their should be licensing for owning and using computers and the internet, especially when it comes to broadband access. Broadband access fees have plummeted in inverse relationship to the number of zombie systems. If an ISP suspects zombie activity from a certain IP, they should have the right to curtail that subscriber's access until they can prove they are trojan/virus free. Just because you can afford broadband and it's available doesn't mean you need it or should even have it. It would certainly keep idiots, the type that succumb to this type of social engineering, from clogging up the bitstream with their junk.
    • Re: bad social engineering

      You do bring up a valid point... we need licenses to legally drive our vehicle on the road (i think its supposed to show a knowledge of how to operate the vehicle safely on the road, but idk, seems like licenses are being rubber stamped these days - i digress)...why not require it to drive on the information superhighway? Broadband isnt a right, its a privlege, and should be treated as such.
      • I Disagree

        As a supporter of Net Neutrality, I think the Internet [b][i]should[/b][/i] be a Right to all people so our societies don't end up on the wrong side of the Digital Divide. Otherwise we'll end up with Kornbluth's Marching Morons - or Judge's Idiocracy if you're like Pixel Corps' Alex Lindsay, and not sufficiently literate to actually [i][b]read[/b][/i].

        So what happens when, say, some hacker social engineers a bit of e-mail that pushes YOUR buttons, and you unthinkingly click through? Does that mean YOU deserve to be thrown off the 'Net?

        You're as bad as gun control nuts who think we should ban guns period, rather than educate people in their safe use.
      • Maybe...

        but have you seen some of the dumb@sses out there? Kind of begs the question of just how effective the licensing process is. ]:)
        Linux User 147560
    • And the FIRST Cutoff Is "How Much Do You Like Windows Vista?" >:)

      If you choose "A lot" or "It's the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread - and if you say otherwise, Why Do You Hate America?" - you're taken right off the Internet for Life!
  • RE: Storm Worm says the US have invaded Iran


    Just how stupid or gullible can one be?????

    [b]IF the US had invaded Iran, the whole g--d--- world would have heard about it.[/b]

    You can bet a worthless dollar that the 'nut job' in charge (of Iran) would have been complaining about 'capitalist aggression'.
  • RE: Storm Worm says the U.S have invaded Iran

    From all of the old and obvious chain-letter hoaxes that come popping into my mailbox every day from people that should know better by now, I really wouldn't give the collective I.Q. of the typical Internet user very high marks... Alas - Social engineering is alive and well, Sturm Worm and all...