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Paul Miller provides consultancy and analysis services at the interface between the worlds of Cloud Computing and the Semantic Web.

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Metatomix at work with County Court system in Florida

I ended my last post on Metatomix by noting;"The demonstrations and the rhetoric are certainly impressive; the true test lies in seeing the extent to which real tasks are made easier and more effective for real people in the real world."Today, the company announced the implementation of their Active Warrant Alert System in Lee County, Florida, and I spoke with Sheila Mann, Court Operations Officer with the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida, to hear her impressions.

December 9, 2008 by Paul Miller


Zemanta talks Linked Data with SDK and commercial API

I covered Slovene semantic technology startup Zemanta back in September when they secured investment from New York City's Union Square Ventures, and the company also received frequent mentions in the Semantic Web Gang's recent look back over 2008.Yesterday, the company released an update to their popular WordPress plug-in and today they announced [PDF] commercial availability of their 'Semantic API.

December 9, 2008 by Paul Miller


Mark Greaves of Vulcan sees business opportunities in the Semantic Web

Vulcan shares many traits with its reclusive founder, Paul Allen, yet behind the scenes the company is responsible for philanthropic support to research and community-building activities, as well as investing commercially in the likes of Radar Networks (the company behind Twine) and Evri.Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with Mark Greaves, Vulcan's Director of Knowledge Systems Research, and the resulting podcast was released earlier today.

December 8, 2008 by Paul Miller


Metatomix seeks to bridge divide between structured and unstructured information

Recently I spoke with Howard Greenblatt, CTO of Semantic Technology company Metatomix. Headquartered in the north-eastern US State of Massachusetts, Metatomix provides a 'Semantic Platform' that;"intelligently connects all of your data in real-time and makes it available to any application, providing a 360° picture of your enterprise information.

December 4, 2008 by Paul Miller


'Semantic Web for Business' ultimately misses the mark

Weighing in at 416 text-packed pages, Semantic Web for Business could have been the latest attempt to bridge the divide between the university hotbeds of Semantic Web research and a business community ripe for persuading of semantic technologies' multifarious benefits.

December 1, 2008 by Paul Miller


Dapper incentivises structuring of web data with MashupAds

Amit Kumar, the 'father of SearchMonkey' when he was Director for Product Management at Yahoo! Search, is now VP for Product Management at Dapper and clearly he is still finding the carrots with which to entice content owners to semantically structure their data.

November 10, 2008 by Paul Miller