10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

Summary: Do you like to laugh? I thought so. :) Take a moment from your busy schedule to watch 10 videos guaranteed to have you in stitches. It's the holidays and laughs are in season here on ZDNet, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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I am of the belief that humor is one of our best friends. Since it's the holiday season, I thought I would spread some joy and laughter via cooking up some fun, entertaining posts to sprinkle in here-and-there alongside my AWESOME SEO (Search Engine Optimization)content. ;) Part of being the Internet enthusiast I've been over the past 10 years is having seen an incredible number of things -- some I've kept track of and others I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing again! I'm thankful for YouTube almost daily and the fact that they enabled the ability to save favorites as soon as they hit the ground running couldn't have been a smarter implementation. If not for that fact alone, I would never have seen some of the videos I've seen ever again after seeing them years ago! Anyway, without further adieu, here are 10 hilarious videos you've never seen or have totally forgotten about (in no particular order of hilarity or forgotten-ness-ness):

1 - Sunny D and Rum (Yum, Yum)

As the story goes, a YouTube user who goes by the handle "u8a22" was drinking an apparently delicious beverage consisting of Sunny D and Rum one night and decided to let YouTube know just how much she loved it by singing an original vocal cut aptly titled, "Sunny D and Rum (Yum, Yum)." Well, one of my absolute favorite YouTubers Andy Rehfeldt took that song and added his own musical arrangement to the vocals. The result is a hilarious tempo-changing, avant-garde smooth jazz-ish remake that's sure to become a cult classic:

And though u8a22 has since removed her video -- which was undoubtedly posted while under the influence of the "yum, yum" she was singing about --the original can be seen here.

2 - That's not "stuff," Meredith...

As we all know, humor is a great vehicle with which to deliver a message -- especially when it comes to marketing. Throughout the years, only a handful of commercials have really managed to stick out in my mind. One of which is the 2006 Domino's oreo dessert pizza commercial. It embodies the essence of random humor and -- dare I admit -- actually made me purchase one based solely on the strength of the commercial:

And to note, the oreo dessert pizza was just a little too gluttonously sweet for my preference, but to each his/her own. :)

3 - Buttered Floor Prank

Frequent are the times I burst out laughing. Rare are the times I uncontrollably burst out laughing! For this video, I was watching TV late one night (some prank show on truTV) and figuratively died of uncontrollable laughter. Since my girlfriend was sleeping next to me, I tried hard to be quiet (I'm the type of guy who goes out of his way to make sure he doesn't wake anyone up) but as the clip proceeded on TV, I just couldn't contain my laughter. Long story short, this guy's roommate slams the door when he leaves for school every single morning -- thus waking everyone up. To get him back, he butters the floor of the front entry and, well... you'll just have to watch and see. :) Caveat: Strong adult language is present in this video!

4 - Deep Fried Maraschino "Cherries Juice"

Ladies and gentlemen, meet shopdogsam! This guy is one of my absolute favorite people to keep up with on YouTube -- hands-down! I randomly stumbled upon (not as in StumbleUpon, but as in while randomly searching YouTube one day) this particular video and was instantly captivated. The ensuing result was ~3 hours of me back-tracking through all of his videos and feeling more enriched from the process in the end.

He's just a good old boy with a big heart -- even if he does have some rather... unique... concoctions (such as this). :)

5 - So much talent, you're bound to laugh!

Have you ever watched a video or seen something that -- in and of itself -- wasn't funny, yet in sheer amazement, you laughed? Such is the case with this video. Perhaps you have to be a musician to *fully* appreciate the gravity of this video, but I think just about anyone with an eye (or an ear) for prodigious talent will see this as nothing short of laughter-inducing skill:


6 - Next time you're looking for beds, beware...

I believe this video is in German, but you don't need to understand what's being said in order get what's going on. :) The actions and responses just get better and better with each victim:

7 - News Reporter Swallows a Bug

If there's a chance of you having seen any of the videos I'm referencing in this post before, this is the one. Even if you have seen it before, there's a good chance you haven't seen it in this quality! Long story short, a reporter starts off recording a piece for the nightly news only to be abruptly interrupted by an inadvertent snack of the winged-insect variety! What follows is an insanely hilarious explicative-filled breakdown of epic proportion! Caveat: STRONG adult language is present in this video!

8 - Green Beans Are Yucky!

Here's another video I first caught on the television (while watching AFV, to be exact)! I usually chuckle a bit at videos involving children, but this one had me rollin'. Basically, this cute little girl absolutely HATES her some green beans! Equally as funny as her responses (she sounds like such a little adult with how she enunciates some of her words) is how little her mom has to do to get her to keep eating them, despite how much she hates them!

9 - Stealth Cat

This is without-a-doubt one of my favorite videos! I'm one of those suckers who loves lolcats and I find myself doing this very thing with my cat quite often (in addition to making him sneeze by rubbing his nose, rubbing his eyes when he closes them (I swear my cat is human), and much more). Anyway, behold the cuteness overload that is the stealth cat!

10 - Shane Sings 5 Octaves

Put simply, you've got some major comedic talent when people know you're joking around... but don't know 100% even though they know 100%! I know that makes absolutely no sense, but bear with me here. A man by the name of Shane Lee keeps putting up videos of himself attempting various musical endeavors, but falling well short of the virtuoso mark. Even with that being the case, Shane Lee perseveres! In this video, Shane wanders his way vocally through a supposed 5 octave range of notes led by an accompanying piano:

And just in case you were wondering what it would really sound like if he could sing all the notes he plays, here's a version of the video with pitch-correction applied to his voice: Shane Sings 5 Octaves (Autotune Version)

11 (Bonus Video) - Santana Shreds

Since I've had so much fun watching all of these again and experienced so much agony trying to narrow all the potential candidates down to 10, here's an 11th video that -- like the accordion video -- may take a musician to fully appreciate. Santeri Ojala -- better known as StSanders (or "StS" for short) -- has an incredible knack for taking videos and replacing their sound with his own intentionally horrible-sounding music. The beauty is that he's not just replacing these videos with random sound; he actually pays mind to what the musicians are doing in the videos and does his best to mimic sounds that fit with what you see. For instance, if you see a drummer wailing away on his snare, that's what you get.

Even more detailed, if you see Santana shaking his hand quickly to create string vibrato, Olaf does the same with whatever note he happens to be on during his random musical escapade. Unfortunately, his humorous creations didn't fly well with all the musicians he targeted (such as Van Halen, Slash, Ozzy, and many more) -- and as such -- he was forced to remove his videos from the Web. But by that time, the damage had already been done and his imprint had already been left on an impressionable Web then new to the notion of overdubbing music videos with humorous music. And for good measure, Jimmy Kimmel thought he was funny enough to fly all the way from Finland to be on his show, so I hope you too will find this equally as funny!


It was extremely difficult to narrow this down to 10 (11, *cough, cough*) videos for this post, but I didn't think too many of you would stick with me throughout the duration of the post if I populated it with much more video content. There are *hundreds* of videos like these that I have in mind, so depending on how well-received this post is will determine if I do another like it in the future. Either way, I hope you've enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what you thought of all the videos herein!

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  • 3, 6, and 7 are the only funny ones (NT)

    • orly?

      @x21x Thanks for the correction! I'll be sure to relay your comment to my sense of humor and edit this post accordingly... ;)
      • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

        StephenChapman --

        I think there's an unwritten law somewhere stating that anything posted on the internet will be criticized, immediately and sarcastically.

        It's as if there's a whole subculture of [Simpsons] Comic Store Guy clones out there, all waiting for new content to appear, every one of them itching to post his latest variant on "Worst Episode Ever."

        Someone could blog the secret to eternal happiness and world peace, yet one of these trolls would still find a way to gripe about it. Don't let 'em get you down! I liked the videos; thanks for sharing them.
      • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

        @Churlish I giggled through your whole comment -- that was great. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback! I totally agree with you about that unwritten law. I've absolutely come to expect it as those types of comments tend to be the icebreakers around here on ZDNet most of the time, hahaha.

        Thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. :)

  • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

    butter...... rotflmao!!!!!!!!
    • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

      @zenwalker Yes! I can't tell you how hard that video made me laugh when I first saw it on TV (although, now that you've seen it, I guess you have at least *some* idea of how funny I think it is, lol). =)
  • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

    What a healthy dose of humor! Love all. Thanks for sharing.
    • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

      @SMSellers Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm happy you enjoyed them! :)
  • This has nothing to do with computing.

    And who cares!

    • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

      @Smart_Neuron Agreed! I'm happy to see some lighthearted folks leave some comments here. I was absolutely sure I would receive nothing but comments to the effect of, "that's not funny and why are you posting such unprofessional stuff on ZDNet!?!!??!?!?!" hahaha.
  • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

    I vote for the Weird Russian singing the yo yo yo song.
    • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

      @jebswebs I'll have to check this one out later. The title isn't ringing a bell yet... :)
    • edward hill just creeped me out...


      But, funny still the same.

      check these out:
      Dschinghis Khan - Moskau

      And surely you have seen Italian Spiderman? this is the trailer, but dariotown has got their own channel and series...all worth watching.
  • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

    I've watched the buttered floor like 4 times now and I can't stop laughing...

    Nice work!

    • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

      @omdguy I'm happy to see you enjoyed it! That is absolutely one of the funniest things I've ever seen. As a matter of fact, I'm quite sure I've come close to passing out from laughing so hard at that video -- especially the night I saw it. hahaha. :D
  • List of videos

    The ultimate for uncomparable hilarity - - is undeniably, the Water Bed Prank! .. LOL ..<br>My hubby thinks I've completely 'lost it'. My sides are splitting, my jaws are killing me, and no matter how hard I try - I simply am unable to regain my composure! Perhaps, after I exit this compilation and make a run for the bathroom - I will. (& hopefully, I make it 'in time')!<br>Thanks for the re-hash, Mr. Chapman.
    • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

      @RustyNail@... Thanks for taking the time to comment; I'm glad to see you enjoyed it! And, yes... that's definitely a great one. I love the woman who just gleefully jumps onto the bed as if it's going to be the fluffiest mattress ever, hahaha. The two ladies at the end are hilarious, too. :)
  • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!

    Number 3 is funny? It always amazes me to see the number of people who think inflicting pain on others is funny.

    I guess it would be hilarious if he painted the top step of some stairs with butter and had the guy fall down the entire flight.

    Or better yet, spread some oil at a busy intersection and see how many crashes would occur. The number of people who could get hurt in that one would have you laughing for days.

    You need to see a shrink for your psychopathic tendencies.
    • Beware: A mood-killer has entered the room.

      @ldunbar Wow, seriously? What a way to take something like someone slipping on a buttered floor and compare it to the atrocity of world hunger! I'm sorry, but laughing at someone slipping and falling on their butt (and knowing they're obviously okay) by way of a buttered floor prank is far from laughing at someone who gets seriously injured. Had he been injured, the prank would have gone awry and not been funny. That's the risk of a prank sometimes.<br><br>It's not the "inflicting pain" part that people find humorous; it's the motion of someone unexpectedly slipping and falling on their butt due to butter being spread across the floor by an aggravated roommate that's funny.<br><br>I would say perhaps a visit to see a shrink to find out what having a normal sense of humor is like would be in line for you, but it appears you consider yourself to be the model citizen for all to behold. Have fun with that while the rest of us enjoy our lowly mortal ways. ;) <br><br>-Stephen
      • RE: 10 Hilarious Videos You Have Never Seen or Have Totally Forgotten About!


        I think ldunbar is way over the top. 3 is not my kind of funny, but that's a to each his own thing.