Contest: Guess the tablet and it could be yours!

Contest: Guess the tablet and it could be yours!

Summary: You reeeeally want to win this tablet, trust me!


UPDATE: The contest is now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated! Now, a winner will be selected and that lucky person will receive the tablet. I've decided to keep it a secret until the winner has been contacted, so stay tuned to find out if/what you won!

What would you do if you were given a tablet with 16GB of storage; a really awesome display; a 5MP camera; multi-core CPU and GPU; and more? Well, as it just so happens, I have a brand-new one of those to give away to one very lucky winner! All you have to do to enter is answer the following 2 questions (and abide by the additional rules and guidelines provided below them):

1 - Which tablet am I referring to? 2 - What you would do with it if you were given one for free?

Simple, huh? I'll be combing through all of your answers to select a winner, who will be chosen based on the following criteria (in order of % importance):

Correctness (5%): First, you have to correctly guess the answer to the first question. Naturally, I will not be chiming in to confirm until AFTER the contest is closed, but if you don't get this first part correct, then you won't win. I know it's only 5%, but it's 5% that you must have to win.

Reality (70%): For the second question, don't fabricate an answer based on something you think I want to read. In other words, I want an honest answer that expresses why you *really* want this tablet; not why you want to win the Miss America Pageant (although, if you give an answer like this, you might leave me no choice but to automatically declare you the winner for reasons of death by laughter).

Humor (25%): Since you can't feed me something delicious, the next best thing is to make me laugh with your answer to the second question. Be funny! While you can certainly win without a funny answer, I like to laugh. You like tablets, I like to laugh; it's a win-win situation!

Bribery: You can send me monies and/or bake some delicious treats for me to eat. (Just kidding.)

Now, with the stipulations of the questions covered, here are some additional rules to follow. This is how you keep from being disqualified, so pay close attention:

Register as a ZDNet user: If you’re already registered, then you're good to go. If not, then click the "Join" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page and follow the instructions.

Log in and leave a comment below: In 150 words or less, answer both of the questions above. (Seriously, don’t go over that 150-word limit or your entry will be disqualified!)

Leave only one comment: If you enter more than one comment underneath this post, then you will automatically be disqualified. We have to do this so that comments don't get too out of control to keep up with (people just loooove to debate with each other). The contest start time/date is 6:00 AM PT on 4/16/2012 and the deadline for entries is 12:00 PM PT on 4/25/2012.

So, do you think you can handle that to win a brand-spankin'-new tablet? If so, then you know what to do! Also, be sure to check back often so you can read new entries and see what others are saying! Once again, entries can only be submitted until 12:00 PM PT on 4/25/2012, so keep that in mind. GOOD LUCK!!!

(A bit of necessary legalese: )


-Stephen Chapman

Topics: Processors, Hardware, Laptops, Mobility, Tablets

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  • It is "new iPad"

    It is new iPad, and I *really* want that because I hate to be left out.
    Ram U
  • Contest

    1- I am going to venture to guess the new iPad!
    2 -I would climb to the top of Mt. Everest then ski down the mountain tweeting with it as I safely glide down. Ok, not really. I would use it as a digital media device to load my kids movies and mine as well to keep them busy on those lengthy car rides or plane rides when we vacation. It is a heck of a lot easier then carrying discs and a laptop.
  • It is the Ipad 3, Wifi only edition, 16 Gb size

    I need an IPad to complete my halloween costume. I always wanted to emulate Flavor Flav with those cool clocks around his neck, except I feel an updated version (i.e. an IPAD around my neck) would be more modern and visually pleasing to the judge's eyes for the costume contest. Anyway, does anyone know a good "huge-clock-on-a-10 inch-display" app for the IPAD? Also, I wouldn't want to infringe on Flav's copyrighted name and visage, so I would have to come up with a new name. IPAD-PAD maybe, or DADDY-IPADDY? Still working on that part....
    • Great idea!

      lol. I like the "Daddy iPaddy" one. Stick with that! :D
  • Spirit of Giving.

    You???re referring to "The Ipad", of course.
    In the spirit of giving, I would gift it to my girlfriend??? or my mother. Crap. Love and affection, hugs and kisses, baked goods???. I???d have to determine who would hate me the least if they didn???t get one.
    Actually, I think I???d gift it to my girlfriend, and then demo it to my mother to determine if she???d want one for mother???s day. Which also means she???d stop stealing my Kindle Fire to play games.
  • It's the brand new full HD Acer Iconia A700

    I need another 10" tab before winter to complete my snow shoe set when the snow gets deep!

    Or to read ZDnet every evening on, whichever is more necessary at the time. ;-)
  • Contest Answers

    It's the new iPad.. and the truth is I'd give it to my almost ready to drive daughter. Simply because she's been asking for one since the iPad rev 1 came out. I've been giving lame excuse after lame excuse as to why I wouldn't buy her one. The truth is I just didn't want to spend that much hard earned cash on an iDevice. Nevermind that I now own an iPhone 4s. My hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    However, if it were free... I'd have no problem handing it over to her.
  • A purple flavored badger

    1. The Epic New iPad!

    2. I love the new iPad. I want it for work and play. I have an iPhone and I know I'll love an iPad. I have to fly to Florida to see my Mom twice a year and I can guarantee that iPad would make for an excellent trip. I would also finally be able to have all my Stephen Hawking books on a tablet. Yes that excites me... The time for me to have an iPad is nigh my friend. Winter is coming and my three wolves howling at the moon t-shirt can no longer hold back the bad people. Only the new iPad with Retina display can fully extinguish the evil and bring back the marmoset king. Then and only then can we finally live in peace and "insert your favorite football team" will finally win the Super Bowl. Also I like corn.
  • I am going to guess this is a trick...

    I am going to guess you're trying to trick us with a few key words and it isn't an Apple product at all...

    Now, I could be totally wrong but my guess is...

    Asus Transformer pad 300

    I say this because it also fits your description and is new as of this week.

    I will sit at the local starbucks trapping unsuspecting users account data, then I will email random politicians of their impending demise from these random accounts... Of course, I will be using the ZDNet wifi when I access these accounts.

    My next act of chaos will be to send out a fake libyan birth certificate for Mitt Romney so as to call in to question his nationality (then collect my check from the dems)...

    If that isn't enough, then maybe I will just sit back, play some games and surf the net from it. :-)
    • but...

      Except the display on the 300 isn't anything special. It's the same as the Prime's but without SuperIPS. Still, if you're right, booyah. :)
  • is the new Ipad.....not the new Ipad.

    i would lay it on a pillow in front of my kindle fire and tell the kindle "meet your daddy". it has more memory than you, a camera and a quadrillion apps, at 3 times the price. I would download an app that laughs at the kindle. record the whole thing then upload it to youtube where it would go viral. which means I would twitt about it...
    I want one, just as simple as that. I want it.
  • Probably the new iPad

    Why I want one is (in something like an order of seriousness, which order is up to you to work out):
    a) To throw at people, particularly the rebellious antipodean at work. I could be a real ninja with one of these throwing weapons!
    b) What b?
    c) To use as a beer jug tray/coaster, or as a chopping board (see youtube)
    d) To scare people by using as a thin client to my favourite mainframes to do actual work
    e) To scare people with work getting done automagically while I am not at work (see d)
    f) To develop technical manuals for the group of sods who call themselves field engineers who like reading off shiny portables.
    g) To scare the almighty boss into believing I'm not a total dinosaur
    h) For the wife. There are many and varied reasons for this...
  • it's the Asus Eee Pad Memo 171 with stylus support (7")

    (available in taiwan only, for now) I will take notes, compose drawings, use google maps and the internet, as well as finally having a calendar and task manager I will actually use (so many empty paper calendars and smart phones are the wrong bloody size, plus egregious data charges). Woe betide the ghost of Steve Jobs who played the pied piper to tablet manufacturers 'no-stylus' philosophy. He said at some point 'If they include a stylus, you know they blew it.' Stop trying to sell me broken devices, tablet makers. If I can't have a pointy stylus I'm not buying jack unless it's 7" and $150 or less.
  • Want, want, want..

    You are speaking of the New iPad.

    I want one so I can perform the "Will It Blend" experiment on it. As soon as I verify that it will not blend (because it is too big to fit into the blender) I will dowload a bunch of awesome games on it and play until my fingers bleed. Then I will buy five capacitive styluses and attach them to my fingers with duct tape and continue to play until my eyes bleed. At that point I will turn the thing off and get some sleep. Regain my strength. For more playing of awesome iPad games.
  • It's the New iPad!!

    I really want the new Ipad and desperately need a new laptop/tablet as I spilt nearly a litre of sugary tea on my current Vaio laptop which has ruined the keyboard. I have to constantly check spelling whenever I type something and memorise the 'crazy' keys so I can correctyly enter passowrds and things.

    It's a sad existence, I'll be honest, but if I had an iPad I would take care of her like a firstborn and see to it that she never wanted for anything. I would lavish her with lovely accessories and never let the evil tea canister anywhere near her. I've learnt from my mistakes and now just need the chance to prove how much I've grown. I hope you could find it in your heart to offer me that second chance with the beautiful new iPad
  • The new iPad.

    It's the new iPad. I would use it to slice, and dice, and fry eggs, and wash dishes, and drive me to work. . . .oh. . . sorry that's the next iPad.

    I would use it for two things.

    1) My parents are in there early 80's and they refuse to allow any of us kids to get them a computer. They saw the challenges their neighbor had with their new computer, challenges with bloatware and trouble installing new programs, etc. . . and right or wrong they do not want to deal with those challenges.

    I could not give my parents an ipad because they would refuse it. I would go visit my parents with the ipad and by using it while I visited I would let them see how nice it is to use. My mother likes to read books but she needs big print, I would let her see how the ipad can be nicely used for reading a library of books in any print size. My father likes to see graphs of stock info but believe it or not he graphs gold and one stock by hand. I would let him see that on the ipad there is magic. In sort order I think they would both have iPads.

    2) My company is beginning to write apps to allow people to use the ipad for work, for presentations to customers, etc. . . but it is BYO-iPad. I would use the iPad for reading the news in the morning, checking my email, giving presentations to potential customers, tracking orders, tracking accounts and then reading the evening news before bed.
  • Surprise...

    It's the new iPad (2012). You could be talking about the new Asus Transformer Infinity - but that's not out yet and it seems fairly improbable that a ZDNet post would be talking about anything other than an Apple product.

    As for why I want one? I don't. I mean that quite sincerely. I had a first gen iPad and found it at best a nice toy. I already have a singlarly exceptional tablet - a Transformer Prime. If I get a new one, it's likely to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for the digital pen support.

    I like innovation - not being part of the herd.

    So, to whomever does get this tablet, enjoying being one of a million rather than one in a million.
  • What I would do ...

    1. Newest iPad .

    2. How would I use this?

    a. Use the 4G with Netflix to help drain my huge cache of surplus money.

    b. Write custom apps to:

    - use its new "battery hotspot" feature to prepare my morning soft-boiled egg at desired time. An in-app "robot arm" purchase would let you heat up coffee, too.
    - The same feature would be used for "thermal guard" custom app that sets iPad on fire if stolen.
    - Use hotspot feature for "Artic Survival" app.

    c. Buy some Retina-ready apps to fill up that 16 Gb (five should do it).

    d. Use new, awesome camera to finally create "why tablets will rule" video, featuring coworkers awkwardly balancing their screen-open laptops on one arm, power supplies dangling from their necks.

    e. Use its new, blazing speed to speedily comment here with the tag line, "Sent from my new iPad 3, haters!"
  • Transformer Prime

    What would I do with it? Play games of course, what else do you do with a tablet? Now if it came with the keyboard dock then that opens up a whole new world of options. Content creation becomes a possibility with the keyboard.
  • Hmmm

    1.) Apple iPad 3

    2.) Replace laptop, when travelling/working out of house.