Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

Summary: A "for fun" contest is being held to find a designer who can create a better Windows 8 logo than the one Microsoft recently unveiled. Thought it's for fun, it's also going to be for profit for the winner!


As of the time of this writing, you have 8 hours left to design a Windows 8 logo that you feel is better than the freshly-announced logo! Held on "for fun" by Archon Systems, Inc., lots of designers are showing up to ultimately make a quick $295 if their design is the winner. Check out some of the entries below (click the image for a larger view):

You can view the crowd favorites by sorting the results by highest-rated, or just click here.

As many of you know, Microsoft recently unveiled the new Windows 8 logo and responses have been quite polarizing, to say the least. It does nothing for me, but I suppose I'm beginning to get used to seeing it around. If you've not seen it yet, here it is:

What are your thoughts about the new logo? Personally, I love some of what's been submitted to the contest far more than the official logo. And, hey... at the very least, this contest is bringing out some rather humorous renditions of the logo from some of the participants, like this one:

Naturally, that looks terrible, but it's supposed to (at least, I think it is...). So, to all you designers out there, get on it! Though it's all in good fun, a $300 payday and possible recognition for creating a better Windows logo than the Windows team isn't too shabby!

-Stephen Chapman

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  • RE: Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

    I like #8 , i feel if its gonna be that boring, it might as well have a bit of a design and color.
    • RE: Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

      @magna713 We really like #8 too. Like how it ties in the very first Windows logo ever!
  • RE: Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

    As if anyone on this site knows a damn thing about design.
    • LOL! Agreed!

      the way this site works (or doesn't, if you prefer) yeah I agree that anyone on this site knows how to design
      William Farrel
    • Faulty logic.

      @jhammackHTH You don't have to know about design to be moved by something that was designed. Design evokes emotion in designers and non-designers alike. It's like someone writing an opinion of a dish they ate, then you telling them they don't know anything about cooking. It's irrelevant.
  • RE: Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

    There was maybe one logo on that site that I liked. Most of them just didn't capture the essence of Microsoft Windows with the logo or chose an ugly font.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • RE: Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

      @Loverock Davidson-
      does that have a penguin in ti? ;)
      The Linux Geek
      • RE: Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

        @The Linux Geek

        Well.... I needed Linux for a trivial bit of development and decided to install Ubuntu. If I had any doubts that it was possible to make a worse desktop than Windows 8, Ubuntu with unity is it. Needless to say, I ended up loading Fedora. Yes I could have ripped out the Unity bits, but that would reward Canonical for their stupidity. I want no part of it.

        For all those in love with Windows 8 on the desktop, I encourage them to take a good look at a desktop that seems to be hostile to the notion of multitasking in spite of the fact I have a 26 inch monitor with plenty of room for an array of windows.

        Finger friendly? To be sure I did have the urge to use a finger, but not the one the developers intended.
    • RE: Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

      @Loverock Davidson- Which was the one you liked?
  • RE: Design a 'better' Windows 8 logo, win 300 dollars

    I vote for Saint Bill for the Win!
  • Current Windows 8 logo = Fading into oblivion

    We are just finishing our Win7 rollout... where is no way we are re-rolling because of that god-awful metro "feature".

    Windows 8 is Vista 2.0
  • The original one is still better

    Looked through these submitted versions...sorry, none of them are close to what Microsoft has choosen. Tiles in 4 different colors, come on, Windows is not a kid anymore. A logo looking like a rainbow is for the toys.