Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

Summary: Google copies Bing. Disagree? Have a look and tell me what you think!

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First, it was with their sidebar on the left. Next, it was having a wallpaper on your home page. Then, it was testing full-screen results. After that, it was showing results that included social data in an incredibly similar way to Bing (in relation to the recent announcement of Bing and Facebook being in cahoots but not to be confused with Google Social Search).

Now, Google appears to be rolling out visual previews (called "instant previews") of sites such that users can see them prior to clicking through to them. Personally, I think Google's rendition of the feature is quite nice but it lets me know that we shouldn't be so quick to count out Bing. Now, I know that some -- if not most -- of you just looooove to hate on Bing, but there is absolutely no doubt that they're getting a lot of things *right* in Google's eyes and that's the important thing to consider here.

While I will be the first to say that I love Google for its search capabilities and I've yet to find a search engine that comes even remotely close to giving me the ability to drill down into results the depth and breadth of Google's index, I think it's time for some competition and innovation to happen in the search space. I know that some of you are going to point out the ever-present "Microsoft copies Apple" debate, but this is different (unlike Apple's users who are actually all thinking exactly the same when they buy into Apple's products and marketing).


;) Seriously, though, I think it's time to stop hating Bing just because XYZ internet persona you know and love hates Bing. Here's a novel concept: Instead of just hating on Bing and saying, "their search engine results suck," why not actually try out Bing and then provide some *constructive* feedback? I know their search engine results are lacking for some of you, but when was the last time you actually gave Bing a shot? After taking a look at some search results today on Bing, I think they're coming along quite well! Now, you may say to yourself, "I'm not going to do that because I'm perfectly fine with using Google." If that's the case, then that's great and I urge you to stay on your path.

But if you happen to be like me and you're excited at the prospect of just how deep Internet search still needs to go to provide adequate information based on extensive investigation, then Bing just might be the team you need to speak to. Between the two companies, I would wager that Bing is more eager to listen to the requests and constructive criticism of users than Google is right now. I may be completely off-base on that, but, hey... it's been known to happen before. :)

Oh, and what about Yahoo? Well, you may not realize this, but Yahoo uses Bing's search results now. No, seriously. If you love searching Yahoo but you say Bing sucks, then you just got busted for fruitlessly hating on Bing! Don't believe me? Compare this (Bing) to this (Yahoo) and see for yourself. Yes, even image searches between the two are exactly the same (Bing Image Search and Yahoo Image Search). And despite the competition, Bing still puts Google on quite the pedestal if you search for Google:

Much nicer and far more useful to the end-user than this, that's for sure:

Anyway, I'm a realist. I know that companies are going to copy other companies in some capacity and that there's a certain amount of innovation and implementation overlap that's inevitable -- much like when one hit song contains the same chord progression as another hit song. What I'm gleaning from this particular instance of Google taking from the pages of Bing is that we may want to start paying more attention to Bing. At the end of the day, the only thing Google may not use from Bing is their search algorithm because it's not public and I'm sure Google is quite confident in their own. Everything else appears to be fair game, though.

Now, what do you think? Hammer me with your worst insults! Take your horrible day out on me! :D

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  • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

    It is about time that someone in the media recognizes this! Despite all the naysayers this has been a banner year for Microsoft in the innovation column. For years they've cranking out the same staid money makers. Now competition has got them back on their toes. From Zune to Xbox to WP7 to Windows 7 to Bing to Live Services, MS is battling back. But is anyone listening. Probably why Google can ape them without any fear of lash back.
    • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.


      MS innovation? Hardly.

      Zune is Dead
      WP 7 is DOA
      Win 7 - was going to be a hit no matter what.
      Bing = Boing - DOA - only reason it has any marketshare is because it's the default in IE 7/8.

      MS wouldn't know innovation if it B!tch Slapped them across the face.
      • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.


        <strong>Zune</strong>: Definitely dead, but it was a great product despite that fact.

        <strong>WP7</strong>: DOA? Where the heck did you pull that from? Oh, I know where. Never mind.

        <strong>Win 7</strong>: Oh, was it? Because the last I checked, the guys like you who gripe about Microsoft were SOOO sure that Windows 7 was "just another Windows Vista." I guess hindsight is 20/20 for you hecklers, huh? ;)

        <strong>Bing</strong>: Do you have any unbiased reports that back up this mighty tall (and mighty repetitive amongst your crowd) claim of yours?

        Truth is, you wouldn't know Microsoft's innovation if it "b!tch-slapped" you across the face because you appear to have your head buried in the same place you pulled your WP7 "DOA" opinion from!

        OHHHH SNAP! ;)

      • Yup. MS copied the idea for Kinect

        from Apple, Nintendo, and Sony!

        And the HD and HD radio in iPods are [b]so much[/b] better then the Zune's!

        Win 7 was the next "Vista" acording to you!

        Bing is rising, and getting good feedback because it's so much worse then all the others. It's not like Google is the default search in Android, or anything.

        Yeah, your undies are about ready for a change, as they have to be pretty soiled at this point.
        John Zern
      • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.


        WP7: 40k on launch day says it all. Nobody wants it. Droid X sold out within hours, iPhone sold out within hours, Evo sold out within hours. I could go on and on. Yet MS can barely sell 40k?

        Win7: I never said it would be another Vista. But if you look at the business upgrade cycle, it makes sense. Like most skipped WinME. It's not that good (I know, I run it occasionally in a VM), but Good Enough.

        Bing: Seriously on any new install of Windows or IE 7/8 it sets Live as the default search. You have to jump through hoops to change that. Most won't. I know many that still want MSN as their "Homepage". Same with how IE got huge market share in the beginning - it was there by default. Not because it's good.
      • WP7 sold out everywhere and carriers are backlogging pre-orders and giving

        giving out coupons to appologize for not having enough. you're still living in 08 itguy. now would be a good time for you to go upstairs and ask your mom if you can have a cookie.
        Johnny Vegas
      • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

        Hating Microsoft is practically a national IT pastime. Fact is, MS has lasted more than 30 years which is a lot longer than many other companies. If they went out of business today, they'd have a place in computing history.
    • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.


      Switched to Bing some time ago. We have daily use for internet search and I'm quite happy with Bing. I'm also happier to use a search engine from a software developer than an advertising company.

      Now I have my WP7 as well, and I won't be changing its default.

      No amount of real data and facts is ever going to change an ABM fanboi's mind. However, you can tell when an MS product is excellent, they just get even more whiny and belligerent.
      • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

        @tonymcs@... Google is actually a search company that also does Ads.
    • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

      Surely Google copies some of the display properties of Bing. But the core functionality of Google is superb. Even Bing trying to copy that from Google and still they are experimenting.
      <a href="">SEO India</a>
  • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

    The concept is good (and that't what Google copies), but the search engine results still suck.
    Sorry, but it's true.
    • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

      @drphysx Do you have some specific examples? Honestly, I couldn't think of anything a little while ago that resulted in horrendous results, so I would like to reach out to readers like you and find out what you search for that Bing provides such "sucky" results for. :)

      • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

        @StephenChapman No, I set Bing as my default search engine for a few weeks, as one can certainly not come to any conclusions from just one or two searches.<br><br>Anyway, in the end, I switched back to Google and it's just so much more convenient, because somehow Google seems to know what I want and Bing doesn't.<br><br>With Google, I rarely have to look at page 2 results, because usually what I'm searching for is within the first ten results. Bing, on the other hand, displays lots of irrelevant results on page one and most of the time I had to go through five or more pages of search results in order to find what I was looking for (well, usually, when it wasn't on one of the first five pages, I simply went to Google, which usually showed me what I was looking for on page 1).<br><br>I'm not saying Bing is a failure or that it won't get better. Some people may actually like it (although market share trends suggest otherwise). Try it for yourself.<br><br>The problem is, by the time Bing's search results get useful, Google will most likely have copied all the great concepts that Bing introduced. ;-)
      • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

        @StephenChapman OK, just gave Bing one more try. <br><br>I searched for a paper on solid state physics by a professor named Rudolf Gross, in German.<br><br>I typed "gross festkoerperphysik".<br><br>Of course, Bing didn't "get" that I was searching for a professor named Gross, instead of the German word for 'big'. <br><br>So, what did I get? Lots of irrelevant results and the paper I was looking for was nowhere to be found, on the first ten pages.<br><br>So I gave up. Fired up Google. Typed "gross festkoerperphysik", again.<br><br>Where's the paper? First page. BOOM.<br><br>Sorry, Bing.
      • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

        @drphysx - erm ... do you mean the paper on "Determination of high Qbeta-values by beta-gamma-coincidence"?

        I just typed "gross festkoerperphysik" into Bing and this was the title of the first result.

        The second result points here: ""

        The third points here:

        And so on...

        All the above links have cached copies too in case the site is down.
  • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

    Should come as no surprise. I've been saying all Google does is copy for years. When they released that preview I was thinking to myself how Bing already had that. I like how Bing is the thorn in Google's side :)
    Loverock Davidson
  • I gave Bing a shot

    At the Bellagio, I went to the concierge desk with the 3 people I was with to ask for printed directions to a restaurant. The woman used Bing. We gave the address, she printed a map and directions.

    When handed to me it looked wrong - the directions took us to the airport and terminated at it.

    I felt like something was wrong, but drove out there anyway. Stopping outside the perimeter fence, we stood there looking across active runways with jets landing, where Bing said the restaurant was supposed to be.

    It took us an hour to inch back up the strip. We phoned for directions and it was actually close to Bellagio. We went to dinner, late as it was, and things were fine after that, but it was a frustrating, agonizing hour stuck in traffic before we arrived.

    Obviously Bing didn't know where the place was, so it defaulted to the airport.

    When an official from Microsoft compensates me for my lost hour due to their incompetence, I will consider using it once again.
    • Wow, that is an unbelievable story!

      Seriously and literally, that is an unbelievable story!

      But it does remind me about this one time that the exact same thing happened to me when using Google Maps on my friend's iPhone. When are Apple and Google going to reimburse me for my 2 lost hours?
      • RE: Google Copies Bing. There. I Said It.

        @NonZealot Nice one. =) I've been saying the same thing about AOL and Mapquest for years! lol. (Not really)
      • For a second there I thought...

        You'd had an epiphany and realized that you post the unbelievable and claim it's reasonable/factual. Ah well...