Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

Summary: Leave it to Internet marketers to come up with ads like the one I use as the sample in this post...

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You know, I'm a fan of Internet marketing. It's helped me launch a career for myself, I've seen it work wonders for legitimate businesses, and it's a massive growth industry. But as with most things in life, you have to take the good with the bad. In the case of Internet marketing, "the bad" is comprised partly of shoddy information from self-appointed "gurus," spammers who will sink to any depth if they think they can make a fast buck, and absolutely ridiculous -- albeit, sometimes hilarious -- ads. Case in point is the following ad I keep seeing on Facebook:

I mean, come on now... seriously? "Are you building your SEO Empire?" Uh, no? What the crap is an "SEO Empire," anyway? And why did you capitalize the 'e'? "Click 'Like' below if you've hit $1k/day." Why? What's my incentive? What do I have to "like" about YOU if I'M the one making $1,000 per-day? Did nobody at this company think it might be a bad idea to endorse themselves with a young guy smoking what appears to be a porn star-sized spliff? Was there no better image out there on THE ENTIRE FREAKING INTERNET to sensationalize an ad with than that one?

And for that matter, just what -- and how much -- are you saying about your company when you're paying cash to run an ad that contains such a ridiculous and unrelated image alongside a nonsense caption? Do people with well-built "SEO Empires" celebrate their 1K/day earnings by "liking" ads and smoking ginormous doobies?

I mean, I get it. I really do. If you want eyeballs, use a sensational picture. It doesn't have to be related to your content at all, because as many marketers have learned, people see sensational images and, in most cases, they'll read what accompanies them -- so long as the read starts off interesting and remains as such, or is extremely brief (like the ad above). But people are becoming aware of these tricks, and when I step away from my marketing ties and view ads like these as a regular consumer, it kind of ticks me off to understand the tactics being utilized. Bittersweet, indeed.

What makes this even more ridiculous to me is that, upon visiting the Web site of the company, I see what they're about and it appears to me as if they could have come up with something MUCH better than that garbage above. Some of you might be saying, "Well, you're just giving them attention by writing about them, so their ad must be working!" Wrong.

If you're of the belief that all press is good press, then you've never heard of ORM (Online Reputation Management). And to be clear, it's not the company or their services I'm chastising; it's their ad practices and everyone else out there who utilizes similar ones. I've no idea what they're like as a company; all I have to go by initially is the impression they've chosen to make with what they've chosen to show me. And if I get the wrong impression instead of what they've intended, then is that my fault or theirs? I'm fine with being wrong when it comes to the impression I have of someone based on their ads, but are they fine with that? Is their bottom line okay with that? I only say this to make those of you with ads think about what you're putting out there to represent yourself and your services.

I don't know, though; maybe it's just me. I mean, I'm used to seeing this stuff all over the place, so I'm quite desensitized to it. I think most of us are, for that matter. But when I sit back and take a second to actually process what my brain seems to naturally block out most of the time now, I can't help but wait for the day when these types of ad marketing practices are not only unnecessary, but not tolerated/allowed by those with ad-based revenue models (I'm looking at you, Google and Facebook). Unfortunately, that day is a looooong way away...

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  • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

    You are grossly overestimating the average consumer's ability to filter out "junk". Some people are very easily separated from their money and that is exactly who this
    ad is targeting. The spammers are simply playing a numbers game.
    Rich Miles
  • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

    What, you're not building your SEO empire? Ha, ha,h ,ha, ha... loser!
    • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

      @dsf3g :) hahahahah this is the good SEO ! no panda in italy ! <a href="">SEO</a>
  • Marketeers will stop running those ads when they stop working...

    and they haven't stopped yet. So long as the criminals can get just one click-through out of every hundred or thousand views, they're going to be raking in money as fast as their little arms can scoop it up. So long as it works, they would be crazy to stop... and since there is an almost infinite pool of fools who will click that ad, it will keep working for a *long* time.

    Frankly, folks like us better just get used to it and mentally filter the crap out. Alternatively, you could switch to Firefox and install Ad Block, Flash Block, and No Script and enjoying using the internet again.

    Have a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

  • Whay advertize on the Internet?

    No one in all the many articles on Internet advertizing has mentioned the emperor's not wearing any clothes. Has no one heard about ad blockers? What percentage of internet advertizing actually gets to an average user - 10%, 5%?? What a wasteful use of advertizing dollars.
    • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

      @fredinmx@... Shhh!!!! I used to tout AdBlock to anyone who would listen, until it dawned on me: if everyone used it, then it wouldn't be effective because then the advertisers, or more to the point, those who make money from displaying ads, would find a way to defeat it. So now I just sit back quietly enjoying my crap-free Internet experience instead of trying to convince everyone else that they don't have to suffer from these intelligence-insulting images.
    • RE: What a wasteful use of advertizing dollars.


      Do us (who use ad blockers) a favor, and [b]shut up[/b].

      Once the advertisers finally realize that they [b]are[/b] wasting their money, the freebie gravy train (that they pay for) will derail.
  • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

    Articles can't advertise or talk about ad blockers -- the authors would be shooting themselves in the foot. Anyone who puts up with Internet ads today is doing so BY CHOICE. Simply switch to Chrome or Firefox, and/or install a FREE plug-in that blocks all Internet ads. Save bandwidth, preserve your concentration, save time, and more!
  • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

    Really, ZDNet has more of these types of ads than a lot of others, but I now block them all.
  • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

    "What the crap is an ???SEO Empire,??? anyway?"

    WTF?? "an"? Really, "an"?
    • RE: "What the crap is an SEO Empire, anyway?"


      The domain ruled when one sits on the porcelain throne.
    • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

      @yipsalon You're kidding, right? "An" refers to the object, in this case, "empire". I suck at English grammar rules, and I understood that.

      SEO? Google it.
      • RE: Internet marketers run the most ridiculous ads

        You do suck at grammar. The indefinite article changes based only on the word IMMEDIATELY following it.
        So it is "a red apple" and "an orange banana".

        But FTR, "an SEO" is perfectly acceptable, as SEO, being an acronym, can legitimately be pronounced by spelling it out: "es ee oh".
  • Other Examples

    I've added to this example with 5 other ads I found over the last year that fall under the category as "ridiculous". Tell me if you agree:
  • You should see the craptastic ads that clowns like these put into Wikpedia

    Fortunately, we admins are usually notified about these and remove them ASAP. Then the clowns whine about how they aren't spamming, they're just "providing information to the public", despite the shameless self-pimping language of the deleted vanispamtisements.
  • They are just making bad ads

    They are just making the ads and they just disturb people with them.
  • "I mean, come on now??? seriously?"

    I completely agree, it's sad really what people will do just to create a little attention. It's not only in the internet marketing world either...start paying attention to commercials more closely - many of them are completely outrageous. I feel like much of the creativity has been thrown aside, for more "attention" based promotions.
  • Stop making us fool by the ass ads

    They are just fooling us everytime.