SEO Fun Friday: Yellow Pages or Web Pages?

SEO Fun Friday: Yellow Pages or Web Pages?

Summary: Are you still advertising in the Yellow Pages? WHY!? Get your business online and start bringing in some REAL customers!

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This is probably going to be the shortest post I've ever done, but I'm doing it for effect. The right people reading this will have a lot to reflect on despite my brevity. Basically, I want to take a moment and reflect on the ramifications of a picture I've been carrying around on my cell phone for quite some time now. As you have undoubtedly seen prior to reading this very sentence, it's a stack of phone books (click the image to see a larger version if you'd like):

"Ooo, wow! A stack of phone books, Stephen! What a revelation!" I know, I know; I promise there's a point to this (some of you marketing-savvy folks already know what it is, I'm sure). Long story short, get your butt on the Web if you're still relying on the Yellow Pages to advertise yourself! Do you know how long that stack of Yellow Pages books sat there just like that? At *least* a month and then, one day, it was gone. Poof! 1 out of 8 people thought enough to actually take one but what are the odds that that one person will have a need for your product/services?

The point here is to get away from the Yellow Pages and start looking into advertising your services on the Internet. The perfect convergence of local search and mobile connectivity draws closer-and-closer day-by-day. That means that instead of looking for a phone book, people are looking for their phone, laptop, or desktop to search for a product/service they are interested in.

I have a local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) post in the works which will help you get started with ranking locally and absolutely DESTROY your competition!!! (Just kidding about that whole "destroying" thing -- I don't believe in false advertisement and let's face it; some niches/industries are unbelievably competitive. Despite that, I *will* show you how to get well on your way to ranking locally). In the mean time, if you're advertising in the Yellow Pages and you're not seeing a very good ROI, the picture above should serve as a great example as to why.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • Yellow Pages still great for local needs

    The Yellow Pages are still great for local needs.
    There's a lot of crud to sift thru when you look for a plumber on Google.
  • RE: SEO Fun Friday: Yellow Pages or Web Pages?

    The Yellow Pages are on line. However, at least in Australia, I still use Bing/Google instead.
    • RE: SEO Fun Friday: Yellow Pages or Web Pages?

      @tonymcs@... Even I do prefer using Google or Bing. According to me it is easy and fast may be because I am use to it.
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  • Neither...

  • RE: SEO Fun Friday: Yellow Pages or Web Pages?

    First thing ... Thank you for your tongue-in-cheek manner in which you poke fun and yet, defend the SEO industry.
    I like it. :)

    Second ... I truly AM one of those guys who is going to end up a victim by the SEO Scammer who "promised me the golden pack of camels".

    By the way, I stumbled into your articles by simply running a search on Google for SEO ...
    (imagine that - you ranked 1st page - congrats!)

    The question for you and for all of those who are watching out there is....

    I am in a service industry and yes, I use phone books for my advertising as I am in the emergency service business.... but i have noticed lately my sales reps pounding me like crazy about signing an internet campaign with THE PHONE BOOK.
    (as if.. downloading a phone directory app... will be every cell phone user's next choice... when stuck on the side of a highway!)

    So, logically, it makes sense they are getting nervous about the future of the phone book...

    Now, based on that, I began interviewing local guys in my state of Utah, who are running ads for "SEO professionals,etc"
    I have used ADWORDS by myself for over a year now and have liked my results ... now i need a better overall web site and to allow google "organics" to see my good deeds!
    (i am rambling on-and-on)

    Question- How does a towing brick-and-mortar guy who works with his hands and spends time serving customers..... learn all this?
    Or how can I find someone who:
    #1 is very sharp and thinks fast
    #2 is not a con artist
    #3 can stay on top of google's spider changes
    #4 is working hard for my advertising dollar.

    I see the phone book as a dying breed.... but to trust in a so-called SEO professional??
    Does he/she exist?

    What are the the TOP 5 questions to ask?
    what should be his/her answers?

    Where can a "rookie" find good help?
    There is no Better Business Bureau for SEO's.

    I would love to see you write an article on this subject, complete with "weeding out the wanna-bee-SEO's"
    You could give us a chat-by-chat transcript!

    Need your help.
    Would love your advice.


    ABC Towing
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  • Message has been deleted.

  • RE: SEO Fun Friday: Yellow Pages or Web Pages?

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