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Patterns of SOA success

Acknowledging that there is now "more hype than actual work" in the field of SOA, David Linthicum, a profilic author and host of SOA Expert Podcast, offers several patterns of success to think about as one puts their SOA plans to work. "These patterns are not always obvious, so perhaps this is a good time to learn through the successes of others and do our own homework before we spend millions on moving to an SOA," he says.

September 16, 2005 by Britton Manasco


Bill, unplugged

A chat (transcribed here) between Bill Gates and InfoWorld's Jon Udell at Microsoft's Professional Development Conference covers a lot of ground around Web services development (XML) on the Microsoft platform. ZDNet colleague Dan Farber calls this interview with Bill Gates "one of the better interviews" he's heard or read over the past two decades.

September 15, 2005 by


SOA a beneficiary of pushback to Oracle-Siebel?

Enterprise software consolidation -- such as that resulting from Oracle's Siebel acquisition -- may provide the kick in the pants needed for major SOA projects.   My ZDNet blogging colleague Dana Blankenhorn points out that "Oracle is now Microsoft," meaning they are the consolidation kings.

September 15, 2005 by

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IBM gets on the bus, twice

IBM announced an exhaustive list of initiatives around SOA, including new software and service initiatives. Perhaps what raised the most eyebrows at the product launch briefing was the introduction of two enterprise service buses (ESBs) -- one for simpler installations, and another for environments requiring a more sophisticated message broker.

September 13, 2005 by


SOA + BPO = Chaos

SOA and BPO (business process outsourcing) aren't a natural match, apparently. Some think the two together can even unleash the forces of chaos.

September 13, 2005 by Britton Manasco


Are portals windows to the SOA?

Fellow ZDNet commentator Phil Wainewright (author of the recently launched Software as Services Weblog) asks an interesting question (at his site) pertaining to BEA's planned acquisition of portal vendor Plumtree Software.

September 12, 2005 by


Finance-centered strategies

One of the interesting aspects of new service-focused business models -- related to SOA and SaaS -- is their concentration on new pricing models. As opposed to requiring payment upfront, these models enable customers to pay on a subscription or incremental basis.

September 10, 2005 by Britton Manasco


You don't say...?

The road to SOA success is replete with potholes. With this in mind, ZapThink's Jason Bloomberg offers this list of 7 things you "shouldn't say" during your enterprise architecture team meetings:

September 8, 2005 by Britton Manasco

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SOA conference series

Just in case you are interested in some SOA networking and developing your understanding of current trends and opportunities in the field, the BrainStorm Group is producing a set of conferences on the topic in Washington, D.C.

September 7, 2005 by Britton Manasco