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Virtualization and SOA

"The word architecture is generally quite misleading for describing what most companies have today," write John Hagel and John Seely Brown in their new book The Only Sustainable Edge. "Architecture calls forth images of the neat schematics of an architect who is carefully thinking through in advance all the needs of the occupants of a building and designing a structure that optimally meets these needs.

July 5, 2005 by Britton Manasco


What does Sun See Beyond SeeBeyond?

Over the years,  the act of putting more user-friendly front ends on legacy applications was often referred to as "putting lipstick on a pig." Loosely Coupled's Phil Wainewright invokes this analogy to describe Sun's recent announcement of its plans to acquire EAI vendor SeeBeyond.

July 1, 2005 by

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Can SaaS eliminate shelfware?

I had the opportunity to sit in on a session on "Software as a Service" at the C3 (Corporate & Channel Computing) conference going on this week in New York City.  The panel consisted of IBM SaaS guru Dave Mitchell, JamCracker's Todd Johnson, and Intacct's Robert Jurkowski.

June 29, 2005 by


HP's agile SOA initiative

Emboldening its position in the emerging SOA arena, Hewlett Packard has introduced a new suite of SOA services and announced plans to launch four new SOA "competency centers" around the globe. HP states that the objective of its new initiative is to guide customers" through the entire SOA process, from envisioning and assessment to development and governance.

June 28, 2005 by Britton Manasco


Sun sees ahead

There are an array of factors now reconfiguring the information technology sector -- and software in particular. But one of them is the SOA movement.

June 28, 2005 by Britton Manasco


The oracle of SOA

One Forrester Research analyst told me recently that he thinks Oracle -- which touts a vaguely defined SOA vision of business "fusion" -- is possibly two years behind SAP in terms of thought leadership and architectural development. Well, Oracle (no surprise) would suggest otherwise.

June 27, 2005 by Britton Manasco