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Software sector under attack

Joshua Greenbaum, a principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting, argues that the traditional software business model is heavily threatened by the spectre of SOA and composite applications. "The whole notion of a software license -- and with it maintenance and service -- will be under attack as soon as service-oriented architectures and composite applications start dominating the market," he contends in Web Services Pipeline.

April 12, 2005 by Britton Manasco


A Call to Liberty

The Liberty Alliance announced the release of three new interface specifications for identity-based Web services -- Presence, Geo-locations and Contact Book. Contact Book Service Interface is a common method for users to manage and share personal or business contacts regardless of contact book provider, enabling service providers to access or automatically update, at the user's request, information like billing or shipping address.

April 12, 2005 by


Gartner: smaller business will do SOA, too

ZDNet's Chris Jablonski cites a new Gartner report (accessible to paying clients only) that predicts that 40% of all development investments among small to medium-size businesses will be going to SOA (service-oriented architecture) or SOBA (service-oriented business applications) within the next five years.Gartner's tangled alphabet soup aside (SOA vs.

April 8, 2005 by


Roadmapping SOA

IBM has introduced a new?service methodology to guide companies that are considering SOA investments.

April 5, 2005 by Britton Manasco


SOA what?

Much of the feedback we get to the postings on this blogsite contains a healthy amount of skepticism about the whole notion of "SOA." Many feel it's the latest empty container of hype to be unleashed by vendors.

April 5, 2005 by


BOA constricts SOA debate?

I love this phrase -- a word of warning about the perils of the "Blog Oriented Architecture" as relayed by Momentum's Jeff Schneider. The point is that some in the industry are prematurely pronouncing SOAP's demise.

April 3, 2005 by