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The shape of things to come

As Britton observes, Oracle's $10 billion absorption of PeopleSoft will mean more acceleration of integration efforts between various potential "killer apps" (sorry, Britton, couldn't resist) within the budding Web services and SOA space. The acquisition is also is proof of an immutable law of business: when two or more vendors begin to offer identical products or services, consolidation becomes inevitable.

December 12, 2004 by


Hello Larry

PeopleSoft's agreement to be acquired by Oracle for $10.3 billion may add a bit more momentum to theservice-oriented business application arena.

December 12, 2004 by Britton Manasco


The horizontal economy

In the late 1930s, economist Ronald Coase (later to win the Nobel prize) wrote an influential paper examining why firms tend to keep some activities in-house, yet rely on an open market of suppliers and partners for other things. Coase learned that "transaction costs" -- the costs associated with coordinating and collaborating with outside firms -- often were just too high.

December 9, 2004 by Britton Manasco


Starwood shines

Starwood Hotels-- which operates the Westin, Sheraton and W hotel brands -- is intent on leveraging the power and potential of service-oriented architecture. It is now in the midst of an architecturaltransition that will make datanow stored in its legacy mainframe reservationsystem accessible in dynamic, Web services applications.

December 8, 2004 by Britton Manasco


Lots of SOA in SFO

There's lots of SOA going around SFO these days.With OracleWorld going on at San Francisco's Moscone Center, there has been a slew of announcements around Oracle's 10g family of products and from Oracle's reseller/partner network.

December 8, 2004 by


Killing the "Killer App"

Can we just start talking like grown-ups? At this point in the evolution of the tech industry, it's really disheartening to hearWeb services and Service-Oriented Architecture spoken of as the "next killer app.

December 7, 2004 by Britton Manasco


An object plea

There's a lot of confusion in the market about the definition of a "service" versus an "object." SOA development, for one, is similar to object-oriented programming in that components are reused in new configurations.

December 6, 2004 by