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Joe McKendrick is an author, consultant and speaker specializing in trends and developments shaping the technology industry.

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Sticks and Stones...

"Standards voyeurs"? That's what Roger Nolan, Sun Microsystems senior director of product marketing, called IBM and BEA for asking to see the JSR-208 specification before anyone else, as reported in Java Development Journal.

November 3, 2004 by


Survey: Web Services Lowers EAI Costs

A new survey tracking Web services and SOA growth is out, and some nuggets can be found onthe Evans Data site. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I serve as lead analyst for the Evans Data survey series on this topic, and will be sharing various findings with you over the coming weeks.

November 2, 2004 by


Revolution in Increments

Revolutionary acts need not always end with blood in the streets. That's onelesson fromthe new economy of Webservices.

November 2, 2004 by Britton Manasco


The SOA Cloud Thickens

Beware of vendors claiming to use open standards. Pat Thibodeau, writing in ComputerWorld, describes some end-user brushes with vendors hawking Web services applications that are actually proprietary underneath the covers.

November 1, 2004 by


The Anthropology of a New Architecture

One of the most interesting aspects of the Web services wave is the recognition that it will require new, cross-functionalroles and positions. Indeed, some commentators have offered usinsightful views on what these new roles might be.

November 1, 2004 by Britton Manasco


Christening the Good Ship...

It's an interesting time to cast our eyes on the world of Web services. IDC forecasts that global spending on such projects will rise from $1.

October 27, 2004 by Britton Manasco