Ajax, explained

Ajax, explained

Summary: For consumers, Ajax looks like magic. Developers know differently, of course.


Open source is explained in terms of being free as in free beer free speech. Geek & Poke's Oliver Widder has come up with a simple explanation for Ajax, the now widely used technique employed to create rich client presentations -- while keeping the end-user oblivious to data transfers going on behind the scenes.

From Geek & Poke, under a Creative Commons license

Topics: Browser, Apps, Software Development

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  • Yikes

    [ul][i]Open source is explained as being free, as in ???free beer.???[/i][/ul]Bzzzt. I'm sorry, you are not our new Jeopardy champion. Open source is explained as being free as in "free speech," and not as in "free beer."
    Robert Hahn
    • Duly noted...

      @Robert Hahn Thanks, that is the correct interpretation. More on the free and open source philosophy here:
  • Microsoft changed the web when it invented Ajax

    Thanks Microsoft.
    • RE: Ajax, explained

      Not completely true (though mostly). All of these Web 2.0 type web applications (Facebook, Google, Linked-In, Pandora...etc.) owe alot to Microsoft for coming up with the XMLHTTP spec that the WC3 eventually adopted. However AJAX as we know it is a stack of technologies (Javascript, XML, JSON and JQuery).