Cloud storage: now a red-hot market

Cloud storage: now a red-hot market

Summary: Close to half of cloud infrastructure funding will go to storage systems -- a response to the coming Big Data deluge.


The other day, we discussed the New York Times' take on the new emerging Internet boom (or bubble), and wondered why cloud computing wasn't mentioned as one of the trends feeding the boom.

Derrick Harris at GigaOm answered this question, pointing to one of the boomlets the market is seeing -- storage systems for cloud computing. Tens of millions of dollars in venture capital funding is flowing into this market segment, and hundreds of millions will be spent on cloud storage over the next few months.

As Harris observes:

"Cloud storage represents a major opportunity for organizations because it lets them store terabytes of data without paying to build and maintain traditional systems. For new web-based startups, cloud computing might fill the entirety of their storage needs –- primary, backup, archiving, whatever. For more traditional businesses, much of the value lies in backing up primary data and archiving relatively low-value data for compliance reasons."

Harris also cites 451 Group research that projects that cloud-based storage will account for nearly 40% of the $1 billion core cloud infrastructure pie in 2010 -- a market expected to quadruple in size over the next three years.

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  • RE: Cloud storage: now a red-hot market

    What I would like is the storage accessible to CSI and similar TV programs. Not only do they feel they can waste time displaying fingerprint and facial recognition graphics (for non-matching items), but each case seems to generate terabytes of data.

    Perhaps it's time for cloud product placement? ;-)
  • Question

    What is price for an inhouse 4TB storage system with redundancy and backup, inclusive hardware setup and maintenance ?

    What is the price of the equivalent cloud solution ?

    What is the available latency and bandwidth to both system ? compared to required latency and bandwidth ?

    In am pretty sure that in today situation cloud storage can only be reasonable for backup...
  • RE: Cloud storage: now a red-hot market

    Our company has been using DropBox for nearly two years now and it works great for us.
  • Definitely a red-hot market

    Full disclosure - I work for a company in the cloud storage market.

    We at StorSimple are seeing massive demand for hybrid cloud storage solutions that enable enterprise organizations to integrate cloud storage capacity into their existing data center infrastructure without concerns over performance, security, data protection, and so on. In particular, we see meteoric levels of interest around SharePoint, Exchange, Windows user files, virtual machines, and general unstructured data.

  • This EHR cloud system CAN REDUCE fatalities

    With the Federal Requirements for Doctors to have Electronic Health Record Systems, cloud storage makes so much sense. One provider that does this is Mitochon Systems.
    The CEO, Chris Riley stated " Our free certified integrated EHR/HIE/PHR is easy to use and install. It is integrated with the AT&T Covisint health cloud and partnered with IBM.
  • RE: Cloud storage: now a red-hot market

    How about the physical and logical security of the data storing in cloud storage?
    How about the reliability for traditional critical IT systems?
  • RE: Cloud storage: now a red-hot market

    Cloud = data theft = no thanks.
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool