Gartner leaves SOA off 'top ten' list - again

Gartner leaves SOA off 'top ten' list - again

Summary: Gartner just issued its Top 10 Technology list for the year ahead, and guess what's missing? Once again, service oriented architecture got sacked by the sages of Stamford.


Gartner just issued its Top 10 Technology list for the year ahead, and guess what's missing? Once again, service oriented architecture got sacked by the sages of Stamford.

SOA proponents, however, can take cold comfort that just as was the case last year, SOA is the underpinning foundation and enabler of many of the Top 10 technologies. Cloud computing?  You need a foundation to deliver those services across firewalls. Cloud also sucks in Web oriented architecture and enterprise mashups -- prime SOA territory. Advanced analytics? They won't be so advanced if data doesn't get pulled out of organizational and system silos. Client computing? Enterprise mashups, anyone?  And, hey, where is event processing?

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  • I've been in several study groups

    And SOA was omitted from final report, in part because participants weren't sure how to define it. Not that cloud computing is a 100% substitute, but it's something we can understand, and whose beefits are proven.
    • Pretty revealing...

      That people still can't their heads around SOA, even in terms of definition. Proof that the industry needs to do a lot more work here if they intend to have us all move forward with the methodology.
  • ah yes . . .

    Ah yes, the sound of somebody complaining that their pet useless buzzword isn't doing better than other people's pet useless buzzwords.

    Maybe someday "productivity" will be one of those buzzwords.

    Can I have next year without the buzzing of buzzwords?
    • LOL

      A year without buzzwords... if only!
  • RE: SOA already a recognized technology

    Gartner's hype cycle from summer 2008 put SOA at the "Slope of enlightenment". As Analyst Roy Schulte pointed out SOA is a transformational technology that is rapidly becoming mainstream in response to escalating business requirements.

    I think exclusion of SOA from this list is logical since this is focused "new" strategies (or should we say "hype" !!)
    • Agreed...

      SOA is in the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-this-thing-work stage -- too dull for the hypemasters!
  • SOA Never actually picked up

    SOA never actually picked up in the tech market. There were lot of rumors and discussions circulating around SOA from long time but there were not much significant benefits which were shown by the company.

    So i guess it is good from the gartner perspective to drop off this technology. Companies are always looking around ROI for all the technologies but sadly, SOA was not able to deliver what was promised.
    Hardik Upadhyay
    • Re: SOA Never actually picked up

      I think everyone agrees with and wants to build more service orientation into their operations. But attempts at more formalized "SOA programs" have sputtered. Perhaps SOA is better off as a force that works in the background of new application and system initiatives, and no one should be trying to launch an "SOA" deployment in and of itself.
  • SOA is not a technology

    It doesn't belong on the list of top technologies.
    As you said Joe, the design patterns of SOA
    underpin many of the top 10.